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THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Practice Day 6

Today we finally got to start driving! Oh man, how I looked forward to this, because this track is FAST, and I love that! All I know is that the first lap of every race is going to be insane!!! I have a feeling that the races will also be really exciting, with a lot of passing, and a lot of mistakes. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

On a personal note, today was really frustrating because there was a lot going on, to where I wasn’t able to focus on my own racing at all. Tomorrow I should be ok, the crew here know what to do, schedule is done, I will be able to shift my focus to racing. Today at least I was able to help point Max the right way with setup. We raised the rear arm to 1 hole up C block, and 0 D block. This helped to keep the rear end flat and high on power in the super high speed sections. We also added a bit of toe in, I’m running 3 and Max is running 2, from 1.5 degrees. Swaybars 2.2 and 2.6. We are both running stock towers and the shock positions we normally run. Max all the way stood up front, 1 in on rear. Me 1 out from inside.

Find all the info you need on this page!

We had a local school class visit today

They seemed to enjoy it!

The track started off SUPER dusty. But after sweeping and watering it began getting under control.

So far HotRace has been the choice for David Ronnefalk it seems

Everyone was happy about the RC2 setup clinic except Lee Martin. The whole experience made him really sad.

Robert Batlle had this to say to team boss Brent Densford of BeachRC

I want to see the videos they got with this!

This is how happy Max was when he beat me, and then heard I was last! Idiot…

THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 3

Today we managed to finish most of the work. We still have the press conference area, finish line, and Hotrace and Infinity boards, and some more painting to go. Things are looking good. Below you can find today’s updates.

The Fehring track is located just outside the small town of Fehring, and the Wendler brothers have made it nice and welcoming.

Restaurant and chill out area.


The RCGP paddock is almost done


Fan favourites are here

In Europe, unlike many other places, RC Racing, and race organising is still very much a family affair!


We have an over-under bridge in play.


That hairpin at the end of the straight on the left, next to the banners is where 14 cars will bunch up for the first tight corner after the start! It’s gonna be exciting

No more banners to hang or tents and flags to put up! Time for a cold Puntigamer

THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 2

Today was the first day of serious work at the track. It’s rough, we just go for average but end up with perfection. Started off using tons of zipties and after a quick learning curve ended up using about 1/3rd of the amount. Never stop learning right? Maybe next race we will have figured this out. Got a really great tshirt tan today. Will work on that tomorrow also. Below you can see pictures from today along with explanations of what is going on.


Euro Breakfast

Building the dance floor

Max picked out the trophy he wants. Pesky Italians didn’t bother attaching the plates…Cazzo!

Max was having a bit of a nervous breakdown early on.


We missed Spiderman, Potato Toe Boy, and Superman today.

Yes, potato toe…

Death by banner


Like I said, we go for good but end up with awesome.


Dance floor done


BeachRC actually got team shirts this time!


Did a quick Rally stage with a nice view. Had to pick up some stuff!


Wolfgang Riederer, of course with a Red Bull, we are in Austria after all! The Nitrolux and Crono distributor. Picked up some fuel, also available for purchase at the race!

Not possible to mistake this race, it’s an RCGP event.


This is as a far as we got with the tents today. We continue tomorrow.

2017, Top 5 Posts! 4th Place – #Watergate

Well, we all knew this one would make the list! WATERGATE! The biggest news in RC in 2017 right? Oh my lord was this a big one. Weeks of FB fights thanks to Degani’s water fuel. People seemed to get really passionate about this debacle.

5th Place: #Watergate

This blog post was also when the fued between #spamadamdrake and yours truly began. A couple of blog posts about “Operation Richard Saxton”, a couple of others making fun of the fact that  I beat him with a borrowed AE, and egos got hurt. Well now it’s just the gift that keeps on giving.

Bolivia – Where Chickens Make You Gay

I said I was going to post a blog every Wednesday. Well I fucked that all up didn’t I. One blog down and then I miss a week. Well two, because today is Thursday. (and it finally went up Saturday night, this isn’t easy) You see it’s hard to find the time and energy to create these masterpieces while exploring 5 new countries in 3 weeks, and running a company. Add to that 3rd world internet. How I managed to write a blog every single day for over a year beats me. That’s completely insane!

Anyway, Bolivia. First a trivia question. What’s the capital of Bolivia? (This question is for the non-Americans reading this obviously, as the American readers are still coming to terms with the fact that Bolivia is a country that actually exists.)

La Paz right? WRONG! It’s Sucre. How this is possible I do not know. How do you make the whole world (well except America) believe that La Paz is your capital when it’s actually some other place no one has ever heard of? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that half the population is constantly high? Really high! I mean 12 000ft high, 3600m. That’s so high that our JQRacing driver Jorge Zamora who is a commercial airline pilot told us sometimes he likes to mess around and land in La Paz by reducing altitude too much before La Paz, and then having to actually fly up to be able to land. What worries me is these commercial airline pilots that like to “play around”.

Anyway, the super high altitude has a couple of major flaws:

  1. Now I could have swore that our hotel room didn’t have any gym equipment in it when I went to bed, but in the morning I woke up to Keenan K White working out on a treadmill. That’s what it sounded like. Heavy breathing, swearing, shuffling around. Turns out all he was doing was walking to the bathroom and back, packing his suitcase, and trying not to die. Apparently it’s almost impossible to breath at this ridiculous altitude.
  2. It is also impossible for our engines to breath. There is almost no power at this altitude. It’s ridiculous. The power is severely limited, the motor’s don’t rev high at all. You have to experience it to believe it. The things I did to at least make my car driveable:
  • Removed the venturi completely.
  • Removed 0.1mm head shims.
  • Ran a 50 main gear, I would have run a 12t clutchbell, but didn’t have one.
  • Ran an aggressive setting on a REDS clutch.
  • Ran a very short low end needle to increase low end power.
  • I would have needed fuel with higher nitro content also.

The reason for me and Keenan being in Bolivia, was our Latin America Tour, spanning Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. We would end the tour with the roughest and most dangerous country of them all, South Carolina, for the Fall Brawl. So Bolivia was step 1.

Basically our visit lasted 5 days, landed in La Paz, tried not to die, drove for 6 hours or so to Cochabamba, traveled back in time and checked into our hotel from the late 1800s, raced for 2 days, then drove back, checked into a hotel close to the bus terminal in order to take a 11h bus ride to Chile the following morning. Below you can see and read about the highlights of our journey.

As we set off from Miami, Keenan was immediately racially profiled. Hilarious.

The journey then began with a seatbelt extension.

LaPaz airport. BE in there.

BLACK Edition Promotion everywhere

Ok, this is definitely not Miami anymore.

Look at THAT. Cable car ride from Alto to LaPaz. Something else. I want to see Danny MacAskill navigate Alto roofs.

God Bless Bolivia – Team JQ has arrived.

Our Bolivian Distributor took us to their home track up in the mountains!

Very nice track, only problem, lack of power!

A bunch of drivers showed up with JQ BLACK Editions, and JQ RTRs!

Next morning we woke up early, and drove 6 hours or more to Cochabamba with the power of cocaine tea.

Cochabamba was a bit lower than LaPaz, so a bit better power, but still terrible

After a long drive through the mountains we arrived at the track for the race.

Bit of an evening snack at the race! Goddamn!

Team shirts were handed out. We need all our teams to look good!

Andres Claros had a cool ride. Back to the future

The driver stand was a bit small. Needed an extension 🙂

This huge double proved to be my downfall in the main. I landed on a crashed car and my engine started running really weird, and died 2 corners later. Then it wouldn’t run. To this day I don’t know what happened.

Winner winner chicken dinner. On the left Jorge Chacon who took the win, and on the right Carlos Guerra who finished 3rd. Jorge is an up and coming racer who took his first win with a JQ, and Carlos is a veteran RC racer. A multiple Bolivian mountain bike champion, he runs a MBK store, and works as a mechanic on bikes. Great job to these guys!

Our Bolvian team is on point! Left to Right, Javier “Captain Slow” Rivera, nickname from real car driving. Jorge “Winner” Chacon, Javier “Rocky” Barros, JQ, Carlos “MTB” Guerra, Bryan “THEBoss” Bohrt, Keenan “K(unt)” White, Jorge “THEPilot” Zamora.

Preparing to go home, Bolivian style. TRANQUILOOOO!

The look of death. Our Team Last Resort driver who drove us back home was on another level. He clearly had no fucks left to give, and we almost died multiple times. I tried to explain to him why there were so many crosses on the side of the road, but he didn’t speak any ingles.

Back in LaPaz we stayed in a hotel where they shot a SAW movie. It was close to the bus station and it was Keenans first serious bad choice of the trip. Here I’m charging my phone. So awesome.

As if that wasn’t enough, this is the electrocution kit add on to the shower. Did it work, fuck no. Only cold water, well except for 3 seconds of luke warm water about 3 minutes in.

This breakfast hot pocket made things a lot better. So good. Saltenas I think they are called.

Finally on the bus with this lazy git, and on to Peru, via Chile.

And as for Chickens making you gay, I asked for an interesting fact about Bolivia for my blog, and the best story we heard was about Bolivia’s nutty president Evo Morales who said that eating chicken makes you gay. As a result chicken sales plummeted.

Operation Richard Saxton…On Richard Saxton

EZ up hoodie delivery was late.

Las Vegas, the scene of the final JBRL event. Tensions were high, you could sense it in the air as we pulled up in the JQRacing Motorhome. The superb RC Tracks of Las Vegas facility was prepared and ready to accept the 107 racers that arrived to do battle. This was going to be the day that “The King”, Richard “pit this lap” Saxton and Greg “not the worst WC any longer” Degani would face off one last time in the 40+ class, before the much deserved off season.

In less important news the experts, rookies, pros, left handed warriors, republicans, democrats, truggy retards, novices, amateurs and the sportsmen would do battle with various equipment to determine the winners in all these various classes. In America everyone is a winner!

Anyway, my flight is boarding, so let’s make this quick. Let’s get to the point. The 40+ main. Only 15 minutes before Degani jumped the start of the 40+ main, The King Saxton had completely dominated, dare I say obliterated Adam “the most overrated driver” Drake in the expert class main. It was an amazing race from Saxton, and he was clearly on it. He was looking confident, as he politely asked e-clip to pop-off, and made mention of the fact that Team Mugen had an opening.

Degani was not buying it though. He told me he had Richard covered. He said he has Richard so mentally fucked that he just can’t win. Ever since the 2002 worlds when Richard forgot to pit and ran out of fuel, and Degani sailed away to victory, Richard has had mind pump when racing Degani. Greg said that he just needed to initiate “ORS”. Operation Richard Saxton. You can read more about that here.

JQ is now officially #2 on the team

That’s EXACTLY what happened. Saxton pulled away a bit at the beginning as Greg made a mistake, but then it was on. It was so obvious. Degani’s tongue was out, and he was on a mission. Concentration was maxed out, and he was punched! He reeled in Saxton, and made an aggressive move. You could see it was going to happen already as the cars were in the air, over the big double. No matter what gap there was going to be in the next corner, Degani was going to be in it, like Senna back in the day. Degani throttle steered his BLACK Edition to the inside of The King and nudged him wide. The 30 000 strong crowd roared with approval. The race was on. Saxton was looking rather miffed. You could tell that sparks were about to fly. A short while later, as the cars headed down the short centre straight before a 180 going into 3 doubles, race craft once again proved entertaining, as Degani was wide, and hesitated before turning in. Saxton shot by on the inside like a North Korean missile, clearly anticipating that Degani would be there. Degani then turned in behind Saxton and regained the lead. By this point everyone was paying attention.

Saxton managed to get by one more time, and at this point it looked like maybe he had it, but no. Degani’s prediction proved to be true. He really had Saxton mind pumped beyond recovery. This was evident as Saxton launched off the track off one of the table tops. Degani sailed through and put the hammer down. This was it, it was time to break The King. After a few stellar laps of the World Champion looking eerily similar to his former self, he had a lead of approximately 10 seconds. It was over. What an epic battle, one that will go down in the RC history books without question.


2wd Podium Review

ATTENTION: Due to zero coverage, we were not able to locate any pictures from the event. This made us unsure, if the event actually took place. For this blog, we google searched images. We attempted to be as accurate as possible. We apologise for any possible mischaracterisations.

See, this is why I wrote the blog every day. When you don’t, you just keep putting it off, as there is always, every day, too many things to do. I always have a to do list, and I never manage to finish it. Ever. Blog? Naaaah.

2wd in Pinerolo, if you still remember, let’s take a look at what went on in the mains, as far as the top 5 are concerned. I didn’t really pay attention to the others, sorry! 4wd I got them all covered.

1st Lee Martin (I predicted: Lee Martin)

Lee was clearly the best throughout practice and qualifying, even though he wasn’t the fastest in practice. It still looked like he had this in the bag. I think in the mains, due to the rain it got slippery, and his car didn’t look all that great, but he out drove everyone with his smooth safe style. Lee was specially good on the corner table, and very consistent over the jumps. It will be interesting to see how he will do at the Worlds in China. Will this finally be his year to get a WC? It very well could be, as he is driving very well, and with confidence.

2nd Michal Orlowski (I predicted: Neil Cragg)

Michal was solid in the mains. The Schumacher car always looks loose on tracks like this one, and to be honest I was surprised at how strong he was in the slippery main conditions. He pressured Lee in the 2nd main, but was just a tad off. I feel like he maximised his performance this time out.

3rd Renaud Savoya (I predicted: Renaud Savoya)

Arguably, the best car of the race. He had traction, and steering, and he just punched it! Out of all the guys, he looked the most comfortable with his car and his setup in my opinion. Top nitro driver 🙂

4th Ricardo Berton

Berton was the other surprise of the event, after Savoya, with a solid qualifying performance, earning him 2nd place. In the mains things didn’t quite go his way, and he lost out on the podium with a 2nd and 3rd, which is unlucky. The speed was there but the comfort, confidence and race craft was still lacking, due to limited 10th scale track time.

5th Joona Haatanen

Joona had a bad 1st final, then for the 2nd final, bolted on the standup gearbox, missed the start countdown due to his dad tightening the slipper after warm up, so he had to start at the back of the grid. This is where talent makes a difference. He adapted to the car, and drove up to 4th place. 5th overall was a great performance  taking into account the circumstances.

Euros 4wd – Who Will Win

Practice is done, and the winners have been determined. I will now give you the top 3 of the event:

1st Martin Bayer

Martin has the pace to win, and will win if he can handle the pressure. He can go fast without looking fast.

2nd Davide Ongaro

Davide will be the fastest but will make critical mistakes that will cost him. I should really put him 3rd, but I believe he will do something insane after his mistakes and still get 2nd.

3rd Lee Martin

Lee will keep getting faster with his new Yokomo, and will round out the podium. Smooth and consistent but things just won’t go his way this time.

4th Bruno Coelho

The reason I mention him, is that it’s basically between these 4 guys. I am 90% sure one of these 4 will win, and 80% sure the podium will be made up of 3 of these guys. I know you won’t believe me, but before seeding practice I named these 4 guys as the ones I am trying to decide on for a podium.

(I will do a 2wd report later)

Euros 2wd – Who Will Win

As I was leaving the track I spotted some suspicious activity. I surprised Reno as he was exiting the pits. Something was up…

Practice is done, and the winners have been determined. I will now give you the top 3 of the event:

1st Lee Martin

Lee is looking rather racey, so don’t go by the seeding result. I expect Lee to win this with relative ease. I would say the only way he won’t win is if he loses. By that I mean if he jumps into the pool, or cartwheels into the tree at the end of the straight. Stamp it.

2nd Neil Cragg

Neil hasn’t really had the best event yet, but it’s good for him that he is using up all his bad luck before it matters. I expect him to start leaning back more on the rostrum, and putting in good times. Once the mains come around, he will be up there close to Lee, as always.

3rd Renaud Savoya

Savoya is the surprise of this event, and top seed after practice. For me it was quite clear already from the warm up that he would be good though. His car is very good, and I haven’t been able to watch him here as we are in the same heat, but at the warm up it looked like he has set his car and his electronics up to suit him, and how he likes to drive, not some generic setup. I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like. Personalised and fast. I think if he keeps it together he will be on the podium.

7th-10th all the normal guys and girl.

Juha Aromaa will be top privateer and fin(n)ish in the C main.

As for me, I will make the main, and qualify for the Reedy, so I can beat Brent Thielke.

Look at that beauty……..Becks is good! suspected, Reno was greasing those Spanish Lawyer hands with some €€€ for continued fast laps!!!

BLACK Edition Loaner Car – Better Conversion Rate Than For Mormons

Keenan White ran my loaner buggy in the DR, here is his report:

This last weekend was our RC Fest held at DRC Speedway in the capital city of Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic this by far being the biggest race ever here. The DRC Speedway is a high traction, smooth, small track with metal modular jumps. It is located on the side of a shopping mall in the biggest city in the Caribbean. The race was well promoted in the biggest newspaper in the country as well as on the radio and organized by the owner Luis (Mad Max) Garcia. For this race Luis had arranged for Joseph Quagraine to attend ,this being his second time racing in the DR.

The Opportunity

JQ and I where in contact as he had some questions about the north coast of the island where I live and was interested in enjoying a few days here prior to his big European tour. He asked me if I would be interested in trying a JQ Black Edition for this race, The Rental Ride that other drivers had used at The Neo Race and then in Germany at a race a few weeks ago. I was a bit nervous about saying yes because I have driven Mugen cars since the MBX4 days only briefly driving a C hub car during the Jammin Days from 2005 -2007. I thought about it and said I have nothing to lose I am not sponsored by anyone but my wallet and said sure why not. All I needed to do was put my receiver and transponder in the car and race.

The Rental Ride

Friday before the race I met up with JQ and picked up The Rental that I would be using he explained that it was last used in Germany on a completely different track and I might have to change shock oils and some settings. This was not a new car at all it had seen a bit of use so it had normal wear that any other car would have plus it had seen a few different drivers before me. I decided that I will try the car as is tune in the engine and if i needed to change anything I would.


Saturday Morning was practice I got to tune in the engine then run about 4 tanks of practice trying different tires on the track . I found the car very neutral and easy to drive it was doing everything I wanted on the high speed corners low speed 180s and jumping . I found it easy to drive and decided to just adjust for less droop for the first qualifier and nothing else THE Car was good as is IMHO. I did break a right front arm during practice but this was completely my fault as I was trying to throw fat whips like JQ and landed short on the metal jump and metal obviously won that battle. JQ gave me a right arm and within 15 minutes I was back practicing and was very impressed how easy it was to wrench on THE CAR. I had very limited practice as I was running 5 classes and had to get my other cars ready as well.


Qualifying started at 1 pm and it was interrupted by rain and by the time my Nitro buggy qualifier came around the track was still a bit slick at the beginning but I was still able to put in a 4th place finish for that round of qualifiers so I was happy and looking forward to a drier track the next round . Unfortunately that never happened as the rain came and qualifying was canceled but I would be starting 4th on the grid so that was good enough for me.

The Final

The 45 min final was to be the final race of the day earlier in the day I decided to change the clutch bearings and the center spur gear of the car (it was a bit worn and did not want to chance it ). Once again THE Black Edition is well thought out and I found it easy and fast to wrench on. 6pm the 45 min final started up to this point with the other 4 classes I ran I had over 2 hours of actual race time on the track (note to self never run 5 classes again its too much). Start of the final I jumped out front and grabbed the Hole Shot !! I was Pumped but a few errors put me back a few spots after a few laps so I calmed down and focused on hitting my lines. The car was great it was doing everything I wanted this track had a few low speed 180s that I was able to get the car on the inside of these turns under other drivers opening up passing opportunities.

The car was great it was doing everything I wanted this track had a few low speed 180s that I was able to get the car on the inside of these turns under other drivers opening up passing opportunities.

On the high speed sweeper I was able place the car where ever I wanted at speed .Jumping was great no problems with any of the jumps THE Car handled everything I threw at it. While I was doing this I had made my way up to the driver in 3rd position who was also driving a JQ but not the B.E. and we started swapping positions back and forth for about 15 minutes the battle was on. At the 27 min mark disaster struck for me as I landed wrong off one of the bigger jumps and crashed into the fencing surrounding the track this caused a rear shock end to snap I was heart broken. I ran off driver stand replaced the shock and got back on the track after 4 minutes but it was too late my race was over I still managed to finish the race and salvage an 8th place.

The Conclusion

I am very impressed with this car at how easy it was to drive also the fact that I really did not change anything on the car and was able to be competitive with it with only about 4 tanks of actual practice. I am a racer that all my cars are rebuilt between our races and know exactly what my car has done to it so I went into this race completely blind with THE CAR and it done well. I was also happy that beside breaking the shock end the car finished the final with very little preparation by me.

I am very impressed with this car at how easy it was to drive also the fact that I really did not change anything on the car and was able to be competitive with it with only about 4 tanks of actual practice.

I got to finally meet Joseph and spend time with him and found him one of the coolest guys I have met in RC, he is very smart and passionate about his product and I really admire what he is doing. He went out of his way to help everyone take pictures answer questions and be a great ambassador for RC. I really believe that JQ has hit the ball out of the park with THE Black Edition THE Car is good JQ has sold me on it and I will be making the switch and race THE Car and help promote JQ Racing to my best ability. I admire what he is doing and will support him as much as I can. It will only get better from here . Thank you Joseph for the opportunity to try something new!

All I have to say is AYLYD?

Keenan K White