THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Practice Day 6

Today we finally got to start driving! Oh man, how I looked forward to this, because this track is FAST, and I love that! All I know is that the first lap of every race is going to be insane!!! I have a feeling that the races will also be really exciting, with a lot of passing, and a lot of mistakes. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

On a personal note, today was really frustrating because there was a lot going on, to where I wasn’t able to focus on my own racing at all. Tomorrow I should be ok, the crew here know what to do, schedule is done, I will be able to shift my focus to racing. Today at least I was able to help point Max the right way with setup. We raised the rear arm to 1 hole up C block, and 0 D block. This helped to keep the rear end flat and high on power in the super high speed sections. We also added a bit of toe in, I’m running 3 and Max is running 2, from 1.5 degrees. Swaybars 2.2 and 2.6. We are both running stock towers and the shock positions we normally run. Max all the way stood up front, 1 in on rear. Me 1 out from inside.

Find all the info you need on this page!

We had a local school class visit today

They seemed to enjoy it!

The track started off SUPER dusty. But after sweeping and watering it began getting under control.

So far HotRace has been the choice for David Ronnefalk it seems

Everyone was happy about the RC2 setup clinic except Lee Martin. The whole experience made him really sad.

Robert Batlle had this to say to team boss Brent Densford of BeachRC

I want to see the videos they got with this!

This is how happy Max was when he beat me, and then heard I was last! Idiot…

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