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2017, TOP 5 POSTS! 5th Place – EOS Commentary

THE BLOG IS BACK! With only 5 days left of 2017, I want to share with you THE most popular blog posts of 2017. Here goes!

5th Place: EOS Slovakia Rd3 – 4wd Main 2 Commentary by JQ

This may actually be my personal favourite of the year. I made myself have a minor seizure due to laughing too hard at this silly race. This blog post also ignited passionate Facebook posting for DAYS after. It was an epic time. I want to personally thank the entire Xray team for this absolute blast we had back in February.
This blog post also introduced to the world the term “CTO” which has been adopted by racers worldwide. Much like the more recent “Maifielding”, I am proud to have contributed some linguistic genius to the world of RC.

2wd Podium Review

ATTENTION: Due to zero coverage, we were not able to locate any pictures from the event. This made us unsure, if the event actually took place. For this blog, we google searched images. We attempted to be as accurate as possible. We apologise for any possible mischaracterisations.

See, this is why I wrote the blog every day. When you don’t, you just keep putting it off, as there is always, every day, too many things to do. I always have a to do list, and I never manage to finish it. Ever. Blog? Naaaah.

2wd in Pinerolo, if you still remember, let’s take a look at what went on in the mains, as far as the top 5 are concerned. I didn’t really pay attention to the others, sorry! 4wd I got them all covered.

1st Lee Martin (I predicted: Lee Martin)

Lee was clearly the best throughout practice and qualifying, even though he wasn’t the fastest in practice. It still looked like he had this in the bag. I think in the mains, due to the rain it got slippery, and his car didn’t look all that great, but he out drove everyone with his smooth safe style. Lee was specially good on the corner table, and very consistent over the jumps. It will be interesting to see how he will do at the Worlds in China. Will this finally be his year to get a WC? It very well could be, as he is driving very well, and with confidence.

2nd Michal Orlowski (I predicted: Neil Cragg)

Michal was solid in the mains. The Schumacher car always looks loose on tracks like this one, and to be honest I was surprised at how strong he was in the slippery main conditions. He pressured Lee in the 2nd main, but was just a tad off. I feel like he maximised his performance this time out.

3rd Renaud Savoya (I predicted: Renaud Savoya)

Arguably, the best car of the race. He had traction, and steering, and he just punched it! Out of all the guys, he looked the most comfortable with his car and his setup in my opinion. Top nitro driver 🙂

4th Ricardo Berton

Berton was the other surprise of the event, after Savoya, with a solid qualifying performance, earning him 2nd place. In the mains things didn’t quite go his way, and he lost out on the podium with a 2nd and 3rd, which is unlucky. The speed was there but the comfort, confidence and race craft was still lacking, due to limited 10th scale track time.

5th Joona Haatanen

Joona had a bad 1st final, then for the 2nd final, bolted on the standup gearbox, missed the start countdown due to his dad tightening the slipper after warm up, so he had to start at the back of the grid. This is where talent makes a difference. He adapted to the car, and drove up to 4th place. 5th overall was a great performance  taking into account the circumstances.

Euros 4wd – Who Will Win

Practice is done, and the winners have been determined. I will now give you the top 3 of the event:

1st Martin Bayer

Martin has the pace to win, and will win if he can handle the pressure. He can go fast without looking fast.

2nd Davide Ongaro

Davide will be the fastest but will make critical mistakes that will cost him. I should really put him 3rd, but I believe he will do something insane after his mistakes and still get 2nd.

3rd Lee Martin

Lee will keep getting faster with his new Yokomo, and will round out the podium. Smooth and consistent but things just won’t go his way this time.

4th Bruno Coelho

The reason I mention him, is that it’s basically between these 4 guys. I am 90% sure one of these 4 will win, and 80% sure the podium will be made up of 3 of these guys. I know you won’t believe me, but before seeding practice I named these 4 guys as the ones I am trying to decide on for a podium.

(I will do a 2wd report later)

Euros 2wd – Who Will Win

As I was leaving the track I spotted some suspicious activity. I surprised Reno as he was exiting the pits. Something was up…

Practice is done, and the winners have been determined. I will now give you the top 3 of the event:

1st Lee Martin

Lee is looking rather racey, so don’t go by the seeding result. I expect Lee to win this with relative ease. I would say the only way he won’t win is if he loses. By that I mean if he jumps into the pool, or cartwheels into the tree at the end of the straight. Stamp it.

2nd Neil Cragg

Neil hasn’t really had the best event yet, but it’s good for him that he is using up all his bad luck before it matters. I expect him to start leaning back more on the rostrum, and putting in good times. Once the mains come around, he will be up there close to Lee, as always.

3rd Renaud Savoya

Savoya is the surprise of this event, and top seed after practice. For me it was quite clear already from the warm up that he would be good though. His car is very good, and I haven’t been able to watch him here as we are in the same heat, but at the warm up it looked like he has set his car and his electronics up to suit him, and how he likes to drive, not some generic setup. I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like. Personalised and fast. I think if he keeps it together he will be on the podium.

7th-10th all the normal guys and girl.

Juha Aromaa will be top privateer and fin(n)ish in the C main.

As for me, I will make the main, and qualify for the Reedy, so I can beat Brent Thielke.

Look at that beauty……..Becks is good! suspected, Reno was greasing those Spanish Lawyer hands with some €€€ for continued fast laps!!!

#WeAreAE #IamJQ

From a B3 back in the early 2000s to a B6D in 2017!

When I first started racing there were a few brands that stood out thanks to their great products and race success. Team Associated was one of them. The first 1:10th scale buggy I owned was an AE B3, and I have actually always really enjoyed 1:10th scale offroad, but it has just never been my focus.

However, as I only have a few years left in racing, I wanted to take full advantage of them, and have fun, and hopefully some success, racing the best 10th scales on the market. Naturally I contacted Brent Thielke, the Team Manager at AE. I announced that I am available and willing to join the AE team for 10th scale, and sent him my bank info for my paychecks. Brent responded by sending me a Richard Saxton “How To” dvd, and a link to He also told me that if I do run AE I should under no circumstances ever wear an AE shirt. He said something about that being bad for AE’s image. I didn’t quite understand what he meant. Strange guy.

Richard Saxton has become a living meme in Finland. A term was coined after him, a translation being “Saxtoning”, or “to Saxton”. It basically means leaning forward in an approximately 30 degree angle, and clapping slowly with exaggerated hand movements, as a car goes by. It also includes towel waving. After discovering this dvd, it is clear that Saxton has been a living meme for a long time.

Anyway, I got myself some AE cars, and was so stoked. Now I would be just as fast as my heroes Ryan Cavalieri and Neil Cragg. Actually one other reason I wanted to run AE was that I wanted to be team mates with the Craggs, as they are good people. The only way to do that is to run AE, as that’s all Neil has ever, and will ever run.

After watching Saxton’s how to video I was quite confident going into my first race with my AE buggies, the Euros warm up. Both cars were fresh, never been run. In the end I managed to make both mains, and actually finished top Associated in 2wd! How you like them apples Brent?

All joking aside, I’m looking forward to the Euros that start tomorrow, and I’ll be keeping you up to date with daily reports of some sort. Let’s see how inspired I feel, and if we can figure out the wifi.

Brent didn’t say anything about stickers! Btw Brent, paypal works too.

OCRC Scandinavian Sandwich & Grassroots Worlds Prep – World Champ Going Down

Today I went to club race at OCRC with David RONNEfalk, and rebuild my nitro buggy for tomorrows Grassroots series race at Dialed In, where I am going to take down the World Champ. He is getting far to confident and cocky, and I can sense a Ken Roczen type miss calculation in his near future. I need to be sure to have the rest of the field covered when the Champ’s downfall takes place.

Today I raced 2wd and 1:8th. It was the 1st time I raced my 1:8th buggy and it was really slow to begin with, I made a couple of changes, thicker oils, harder springs, thinner sway bars, and got it a lot better for the main. In 2wd I was breaking in new tyres, and my diff really sucked, but as I was building the nitro there was no time to fix that.

This picture was taken exactly 3min before the 2nd qualifier. I missed the start by 3 seconds, and drove from the bleachers on the opposite side of the drivers stand.

So the 2wd main was a repeat of the DNC B main. The faster guys just kept crashing, and I motored along, had a big lead, and eventually they caught and passed me, right before the end. The 8th scale was a big more interesting. Please watch the epic move I put on David at about 4:20 in the race video above, and watch his really rude Scandinavian Sandwich on the back straight at 6 minutes. That is the most fun I have had racing RC Cars in a long time!

This is when David told me he is leaving now. It was past 11 and racing was over, I still had some stuff to do!

EOS Slovakia Rd3 -4wd Main 2 Commentary by JQ

Above you can see the 2nd A main of the Xray round of the EOS. This round was held at the Xray head quarters in Slovakia. Now I will give you a rundown of what went on in this final.

  1. First of all, we note that the track is covered with carpet. Instead of running Touring Cars which would make sense, wooden obstacles are placed on the course, and buggies are used. A new form of Touring Car with Buggies &  Jumps is created, and it’s actually a really terrible form or racing.
  2. Scotty Ernst presses play on his pre-recorded ramblings, and we are off. Xray failed to lock down all 10 main event positions, with only 6.
  3. First lap and Martin Bayer is looking far too much like Coelho’s lover again. Where is the aggression? Barn doors are open, but no moves are being made.
  4. In the end Coelho must have felt embarrassed for his team mate, and singles a jump in an attempt to let Bayer through. A strange strategy I must admit. Bayer probably was so confused by this move that he hesitated, and cased the jump.
  5. Jorn Neumann thanks team Xray for self destructing, and slices his way into the lead. We are one lap into the race.
  6. Well almost. Bruno Coelho performs a CTO (Coelho Take Out). This is a unique take out, which requires a complete lack of respect and recognition of the fact that other cars exist on the track. For another example, please check here.
  7. Martin Wollanka inherits the lead, and self destructs exactly 1 second later by removing the front right corner off his car. It reminded me of this.
  8. Martin actually continues with three wheels, and finds that it adds stability to his car.
  9. Hupo Hönigl now inherits the lead. He is now Xray’s last hope. The pressure is mounting. Hupo tightens up his lines.
  10. At 1:20 Hupo realises that he has a virgin chasing him, he remembers my blog from some days ago,and begins to get nervous.
  11. At 1:48 Hupo finally blows out, in a very similar fashion to yours truly, by shorting a silly little jump. What a disaster. The Xray self destruction is complete.
  12. At 2:08 Michael “Tilt’s” afro is blocking the back corner of the track.
  13. At 2:20 Neumann is in 3rd, and Gerd is still cussing out Coelho.
  14. The track actually is looking pretty cool. Shame about the carpet though.
  15. It’s beginning to look like a Schumacher is going to fly off the track shortly.
  16. I was right, 2:58 and it’s off!
  17. 3:10, and it’s quite obvious that no one wants to win this race. Neumann does what every RC racer has done. Lee crashes. Neumann thinks, “Yess I will inherit the….oh shit” And he crashes too.
  18. 3:2o into the race and Marc Rheinard is trying to decide which club to go to tonight.
  19. With a minute to go, it is obvious that Lee Martin hasn’t read my blog. He is solid. Maifield must have inspired him, he is making that Yokomo look dialed.
  20. Final lap, pure class.

Over and out.

Reedy Race Post Race Analysis by JQ


1st Ryan Cavalieri | Prediction 1st

Verdict: Completely Right.

I told you so! At one point it looked like it wasn’t going to happen. I would argue that Ryan had less “Pudge Luck” than most of the time at first. It was beginning to look like things would have to go wrong for a number of people for Ryan to be able to win, but he managed to scrape through 4wd, and then just win all but one race in 2wd, and with one drop that meant a perfect score for 2wd. Going into the last race, both Ryans were in it, and Cavalieri had to win, to win the race, and if he didn’t win, Maifield just needed a top 3 I believe.

The last race, for as long as it lasted, was a great example of the confidence and skill that Cavalieri has. He launched into 1st from 2nd on the grid, and attacked immediately. Maifield got into 2nd past Rivkin in the 1st corner, which I doubt Cav was very happy about. But it was clear Cavalieri wanted to pull away, and wanted to force Maifield into making a mistake, trying to catch up. Cavalieri’s 2nd lap was his fastest of the race, and his 3rd lap was his 3rd fastest. The lap that Maifield broke, and the next ones after were immediately a couple 10th’s slower as he eased off ever so slightly. The confidence was apparent. Instead of waiting for the race to possibly come to him, he just went for it, 100% from the start.

Overall I would say that the AE 4wd, unless you are Joona Haatanen, needs some work. I think just setup work will get it there, it looked a bit slow in the tighter corners, and it was clear that Cavalieri’s 4wd results suffered a bit due to his car not being on the pace, and him not being able to place it how he wanted when racing against others. He obviously still managed to get good enough results, but don’t forget he had to get a perfect score in 2wd in order to win. The 2wd is obviously already set up well and he is confident and comfortable driving it. I don’t know if it’s his style or his setup that makes it look like a handful sometimes, but at the same time, it did look like quite a solid performance all around, and it didn’t look like he was going to make a mistake any time soon.

Cavalieri’s race craft is also rather good, and confidence plays a big role. He will hang back and leave room for the front runner to make a mistake if there is no immediate threat from behind, as he did with me in one race. He does that, believing that if no mistake does come, he can just turn it up at the end of the race and make his move. He will drive the speed he needs to in order to win the race, and in 4wd I would argue when he saw he couldn’t win, he salvaged what he could. It is no coincidence he has won the Reedy Race a record breaking 4 times.


2nd Ryan Maifield | Prediction 4th

Verdict: Underestimated, Wrong.

Maifield was in my opinion my most wrong prediction I made, because he didn’t even show signs of what I was expecting. He was a factor throughout the race, and it looked like he was going to actually win the damn race! I didn’t expect him to A: Get the cars as good as he needed them to be to win, and B: Be comfortable enough to compete. All I can say is, that talent and skill make up for a lot! I don’t think either of Ryan’s cars were the best, possibly even close to the best, but he drove them the best. The next best Yokomo was in 11th place, Lee Martin, and that guy is a multiple European Champion, and Worlds podium finisher.

I think the cars looked like they took more effort to drive around than ideal, requiring to be corrected, and finessed, and care had to be taken not to over do it in the sweeper for example. Also, I would say that if Ryan had just settled for 2nd in at least the one early 2wd round, he could have gone into the last race not even needing to stop Cavalieri from winning, but that just isn’t his style. Win it or bin it, unlike Cavalieri who is more calculated, and less spectacular in his approach.

The last race was of course really unlucky. An e-clip came off causing the piston to come off the shaft, and Maifield actually raced around the track for 2-3 laps before he flew off the track, and the front shock pulled apart completely. It’s really a shame, because that could have been one hell of a race! We all got robbed of some entertainment, that’s for sure.


3rd Ty Tessmann | Prediction Didn’t really say, but 7th-

Verdict: Wrong, But Partly Right.

Ty was impressive, he managed to maximise his potential I felt, with a well earned podium. In 4wd he was stronger as expected, in 2wd he surprised me, with strong drives. However, unlike Maifield, he showed signs of what I was talking about, and that’s why I say I was partly right. I just underestimated his driving ability.

There were some races which he should have won with ease, which caused him major issues. He jumped off the track, he exited stage left, and he bounced between the pipes. When he was out front, he mostly got in a groove and won, but when things got hairy, he was in trouble, and that’s in my opinion because his cars require precision and perfection from him to flow and be fast around the track. And when you are racing someone, you can’t necessarily always do that. If you want a couple of examples of his car flying off the track due to minor driver error while leading, not even being pressured, watch the last 2wd main. That’s what I was talking about, and that’s what he was able to minimise in the harder races. That last race he should have checked out and won easily, but he almost lost it. I think he wanted to prove me wrong so bad that he managed to drive through and over JP Richards to get back in the lead, and win it.

In any case, with such a good 1st race with new cars, we can only imagine he will improve his setups further, and be even more competitive once the worlds are here in November.

To Be Continued…

Prediction GOD JQ strikes again. BOOM!

cavalieriI called it. Cavalieri won! There’s a lot to unpack here, but that has to wait until another day. My brain needs some time to process all the gathered information, and turn it into sensible sentences. Then I will go ahead and analyse the top 10. How about that? I’m sure some of you want to hear THE Truth, and what really happened and why.

Congratulations to Ryan Cavalieri for the Invitational win, Brent Thielke for the open 2wd win, and that guy that won 4wd! No doubt I will one day know who he is. Kind of like Jacob Mayonnaise, I know who that guy is now.

Thank you to OCRC Raceway and Reedy/AE, what a great event this is!

Reedy Race Day 2 Highlights

I’m so mad about Ken Roczen’s crash I can’t write anything sensible. Here are a couple of videos, the first one is the best race of the event so far, between Joona H and Ty T. The second is the greatest start of the event, by me. 6th place is a bad place to start they said, lol.