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BLACK Edition Loaner Car – Better Conversion Rate Than For Mormons

Keenan White ran my loaner buggy in the DR, here is his report:

This last weekend was our RC Fest held at DRC Speedway in the capital city of Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic this by far being the biggest race ever here. The DRC Speedway is a high traction, smooth, small track with metal modular jumps. It is located on the side of a shopping mall in the biggest city in the Caribbean. The race was well promoted in the biggest newspaper in the country as well as on the radio and organized by the owner Luis (Mad Max) Garcia. For this race Luis had arranged for Joseph Quagraine to attend ,this being his second time racing in the DR.

The Opportunity

JQ and I where in contact as he had some questions about the north coast of the island where I live and was interested in enjoying a few days here prior to his big European tour. He asked me if I would be interested in trying a JQ Black Edition for this race, The Rental Ride that other drivers had used at The Neo Race and then in Germany at a race a few weeks ago. I was a bit nervous about saying yes because I have driven Mugen cars since the MBX4 days only briefly driving a C hub car during the Jammin Days from 2005 -2007. I thought about it and said I have nothing to lose I am not sponsored by anyone but my wallet and said sure why not. All I needed to do was put my receiver and transponder in the car and race.

The Rental Ride

Friday before the race I met up with JQ and picked up The Rental that I would be using he explained that it was last used in Germany on a completely different track and I might have to change shock oils and some settings. This was not a new car at all it had seen a bit of use so it had normal wear that any other car would have plus it had seen a few different drivers before me. I decided that I will try the car as is tune in the engine and if i needed to change anything I would.


Saturday Morning was practice I got to tune in the engine then run about 4 tanks of practice trying different tires on the track . I found the car very neutral and easy to drive it was doing everything I wanted on the high speed corners low speed 180s and jumping . I found it easy to drive and decided to just adjust for less droop for the first qualifier and nothing else THE Car was good as is IMHO. I did break a right front arm during practice but this was completely my fault as I was trying to throw fat whips like JQ and landed short on the metal jump and metal obviously won that battle. JQ gave me a right arm and within 15 minutes I was back practicing and was very impressed how easy it was to wrench on THE CAR. I had very limited practice as I was running 5 classes and had to get my other cars ready as well.


Qualifying started at 1 pm and it was interrupted by rain and by the time my Nitro buggy qualifier came around the track was still a bit slick at the beginning but I was still able to put in a 4th place finish for that round of qualifiers so I was happy and looking forward to a drier track the next round . Unfortunately that never happened as the rain came and qualifying was canceled but I would be starting 4th on the grid so that was good enough for me.

The Final

The 45 min final was to be the final race of the day earlier in the day I decided to change the clutch bearings and the center spur gear of the car (it was a bit worn and did not want to chance it ). Once again THE Black Edition is well thought out and I found it easy and fast to wrench on. 6pm the 45 min final started up to this point with the other 4 classes I ran I had over 2 hours of actual race time on the track (note to self never run 5 classes again its too much). Start of the final I jumped out front and grabbed the Hole Shot !! I was Pumped but a few errors put me back a few spots after a few laps so I calmed down and focused on hitting my lines. The car was great it was doing everything I wanted this track had a few low speed 180s that I was able to get the car on the inside of these turns under other drivers opening up passing opportunities.

The car was great it was doing everything I wanted this track had a few low speed 180s that I was able to get the car on the inside of these turns under other drivers opening up passing opportunities.

On the high speed sweeper I was able place the car where ever I wanted at speed .Jumping was great no problems with any of the jumps THE Car handled everything I threw at it. While I was doing this I had made my way up to the driver in 3rd position who was also driving a JQ but not the B.E. and we started swapping positions back and forth for about 15 minutes the battle was on. At the 27 min mark disaster struck for me as I landed wrong off one of the bigger jumps and crashed into the fencing surrounding the track this caused a rear shock end to snap I was heart broken. I ran off driver stand replaced the shock and got back on the track after 4 minutes but it was too late my race was over I still managed to finish the race and salvage an 8th place.

The Conclusion

I am very impressed with this car at how easy it was to drive also the fact that I really did not change anything on the car and was able to be competitive with it with only about 4 tanks of actual practice. I am a racer that all my cars are rebuilt between our races and know exactly what my car has done to it so I went into this race completely blind with THE CAR and it done well. I was also happy that beside breaking the shock end the car finished the final with very little preparation by me.

I am very impressed with this car at how easy it was to drive also the fact that I really did not change anything on the car and was able to be competitive with it with only about 4 tanks of actual practice.

I got to finally meet Joseph and spend time with him and found him one of the coolest guys I have met in RC, he is very smart and passionate about his product and I really admire what he is doing. He went out of his way to help everyone take pictures answer questions and be a great ambassador for RC. I really believe that JQ has hit the ball out of the park with THE Black Edition THE Car is good JQ has sold me on it and I will be making the switch and race THE Car and help promote JQ Racing to my best ability. I admire what he is doing and will support him as much as I can. It will only get better from here . Thank you Joseph for the opportunity to try something new!

All I have to say is AYLYD?

Keenan K White

Flamethrowers, Guitar Solos & Fat Whips

Yes we had flames and live guitar solos during the main…..

“It’s already 12 o’clock!” -David Infante

I threw some fat whips and then this happened.

The LosCocos team was back together. No coconuts this time!

In 2WD truck, I had to race the last main with one hand, and drink a 1 liter beer during the race. I obviously accepted the challenge, and won the race!

Dominican Ogio Bag

Finally, if you ever wondered what would happen if you hit a can of paint at full speed. This is what would happen. #yellowedition

Now it’s time to have my Dominican Birthday Party. I always miss my birthday because I am racing. I told the guys, that I’ll do the race, as my birthday present :-). More of a race report tomorrow. I’m out.

DR Qualifying, Introducing Mormons To Porn, and Pineapple on Tacos

The race is held on a new track, right next to a big shopping mall. There are also two five a side football fields next to the track.

Running eBuggy and Nitro. Longwear medium tyres!

I met my first Mormons. These guys were from Nebraska and Arizona, on a 2 year mission in the DR. I had some questions for them, regarding all the restrictions and their beliefs in general. In addition to not being allowed to consume alcohol, coffee, or to smoke, they also were not allowed to have sex before marriage. Porn and sex in general are a big no no.

…so I showed them some porn.

Their minds were blown, and I managed to convert them to reality, and get them into RC Car racing.

On the track, I was pushing the limit

Other on track action included a bar. I’m not making this up.

Another thing I’m not making up, is these Al Pastor street Tacos with pineapple on them. That’s it, I’m moving to the DR.

Mobile Office

At times I feel like I totally Forrest Gump my way through life, at other times I feel like I have a few solid ideas, set in stone, that I made up my mind about, and I have just figured out everything around them. As it turns out, I somehow figured out the modern business style, flexible, super low overhead, outsourcing what isn’t vital, and that has lead to a mobile office. I can be wherever I want, whenever I want, and I can run my business. The only requirement I have, is the need to get online. I can go wherever I want for a year, and as long as they have wifi, I can run the business. It might not be as easy, or as comfortable, but it’s possible. I like the freedom. So when the invitation to the Dominican Republic came in, I didn’t need to organise a holiday, or figure out work, I just said “I’ll be there.”

Dominican Republic Bound

In the local paper in Santo Domingo. Better be on my A game 😃

Looking forward to a week in the Caribbean racing RC.

JQ cars make up 45% of the entry, lets make it 80% after this trip! #stayhumble #jqrcschool

An Opportunity Is All You Need

I look at Fajar staring at me, and I remember that we got this life, and that’s it. Everyone starts at a different place, but we all deserve a chance. Be a good person and you will become surrounded by good people. It’s just how the world works. I have been given a lot of opportunities by a lot of good people, and you can be sure that I have made the most of them. I am extremely grateful for all the support I have received, and I hope the favours get returned over the years, and that I can pay it forward to others too.

I have been working very hard over the past few years, and at a point lost 99% of all available hope. Now things are looking much better, and all signs point to great things ahead. Motivation and dedication level up to 100% again! Remember that behind almost every overnight success, there’s years and years of thankless hard work.

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it’s that everything starts with you. Your own attitude and your own decisions determine everything about your life. There are no excuses. It’s easy for me to say, posting blogs from my privileged position, but I have met people who have gone through true hardships, and they prove this theory to be true, time and time again!

You know all those things you have always wanted to do? You should go do them.

On another note, I re-discovered pickled beetroot today. Man it’s good!

JQRacing NEO17 CONTEST! For Lovers & HATERS! Everyone!

JQRacing believes in equality so during The Neo Race 2017 we are running a competition for every JQRacing fan or hater around the world.

LOVE – for drivers who are already intravenously injecting ‘the JQ cool aid’ this will be a chance to get up close and personal and learn closely guarded racing secrets from the man himself.

HATE – for the drivers who absolutely hate JQ it will be the perfect opportunity to confirm what you already know, that JQ is the compete dickhead you always thought he was.


All you have to do is correctly predict the total number of places of the FOUR HIGHEST PLACED JQRacing CHASSIS in the overall results at The Neo Race 2017 and you will win the opportunity of pitting with CEO, designer, almost qualified engineer, ‘sucks at driving pro’ and RC gypsy Mr Joseph Quagraine at a race. If you are one of the lucky or perhaps unlucky winners, JQ has promised to try not to be ‘too annoying and too Finnish’ (whatever that means) and will help you with wrenching, setup, engine tuning, pitting, driving advice and perhaps even buy lunch. (Not likely).

SO :

What are you waiting for, email your predictions to the address provided below and good luck to all you fans and haters out there.




1. the prize is to pit with JQ and have him assist you at a race, not arrange or pay for a race entry.

2. entries must be sent to and received by midnight GMT Friday Thirteenth April 2017 to be eligible.

3. the information that must be included in the email is as follows :

1st JQ Chassis – 10th place overall (for example)

2nd JQ Chassis – 20th place overall (for example)

3rd JQ Chassis – 30th place overall (for example)

4th JQ Chassis – 40th place overall (for example)

TOTAL 100 places

4. the winning JQ DRIVER must provide proof that they drive a JQ chassis.

5. the winning NON JQ DRIVER must provide proof that they do not drive a JQ chassis

6. in the event of a tie the entrant who is closest to the best placed JQ chassis position will win, if still tied then the closest to the second placed chassis will win, or third and so on.

7. in the event that race calendar cannot be coordinate with JQ, Liam Galvin JQRacing Team Manager will be available.

8. if within one calendar year from the first day of The Neo Race 2017 convenient race day arrangements cannot be confirmed with either JQ or Liam Galvin then a contingency prize will be awarded to each winner.

9. JQR reserves the right to disqualify any individual at their discretion and choose the next available entrant.

10. This is rule number 1o (Ten).

Who can tell the funniest joke

Dare To Dream

New year, same dream. Somewhat stronger now that tangible progress has been made. Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years, and to everyone that continues to do so today. I have not given up yet. It’s still possible.

Back to America – Feeling Thankful

thanksgivingHere’s to hoping that more people discover that the only way forward is to expand our empathy range to “Earth Level”.

-Happy Thanksgiving

1:8th Buggy World Championship Series


Think of your favourite motorsport, be it Motocross, MotoGP, F1, Rally, Nascar, whatever it may be. Is there one race that attracts you to it, or is it the full championship, and the points chase, ultimately culminating in an exciting finale in the final race of the year? I have long thought that it would be a lot more fun for both the racers competing, as well as the people following, if we had a World Championship series, with races spanning the world. We could use existing races, or create new ones.

Another thing, I don’t like how we race. We spend a week at the race, and the actually exciting heads up racing amounts to one or two races on the last day. What a waste!

Below I have highlighted some ideas. Let me know what you think.


A year long series, 4 races, 1 in each quarter in order to spread out the costs for the teams and people attending. Example calender:

February/March 2017 Race 1, USA: Fear Farm AZ, Dialed In CA

April 2017 Race 2, UK: Neo Race

August/Sept. 2017 Race 3, Europe: Asti, Barco Italy, Redovan, La Nucia Spain, Montpellier, Pierrefeu France

November 2017 Race 4, Asia: Cnetic Indonesia, 3Stone Park Malaysia

Existing races could only be used if the current organisers are willing to make the required changes to their race. Some would surely, some would not. It needs to be 4 equal races, organised to the same level and same rules. No exceptions because that race’s race director says so. Keep it simple, keep it fun!


All races count towards a championship. No drop outs. Points system, points for TQ and finishing positions. Either have points given like in qualifying, so least points win. 0 for winner, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd etc. TQ could earn a bonus negative point, -1. This way entry amount doesn’t matter. Everyone will get points. Least points wins the series. If we know the entry amount, we can make it so last place gets one point, and winner gets race entry +x for example.

3. Schedule

Keep it short. Friday noon start so people can arrive on Friday, and Sunday early finish so people can leave Sunday night.

Friday: Practice rounds

Saturday: Qualifying and lower mains

Sunday: Mains

Time schedule like all real races, so you know exactly what time you are up. Practice in heats, no standing in line, no confusion, pure simple enjoyment.

4. Rules

Base the rules on existing ones, but simplify them. Keep it simple and fair. Focus on the racers, and the enjoyment. Use common sense, always solving problems in the direction of best solution for the continued enjoyment of everyone involved, and add to the rules as needed.

Control Tyres

Something to consider. Maybe each race has it’s own control tyre, chosen by the organiser. That’s 4 different brands in 4 races. Figure out how to make sure no special compounds are used by the chosen brand’s elite drivers. Keep it simple!


Completely new, or heavily modified layout for each race, in order to keep it fair!

5. Classes

Only 1:8th Nitro Buggy, due to time constraints. The big question is, do we separate true PRO class from the OPEN class? Reason being, if we have a smaller amount of PROs racing, it is possible to have a lot more heads up racing, and a lot less practice and qualifying.

PRO Class

Manufacturers sign up their drivers for the complete series. This way the organisers know how many Pro drivers will be attended. Possibility to add wild card entries into the pro class for each event.

Qualifying will be done as heads up racing, (Reedy Race Style with points for finishes in each heat). Make the races 15min, so everyone has to pit at least one time, and the best guys can move to the front. Don’t compare races, or times, only finishing positions matter. Gate starts, or something similar to that would be best!

Follow this with semi finals, and a main final in the same way we do at the current Worlds. If we have enough pros, then 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, and A main. I can’t see more Pro drivers than that attending all races.

OPEN Class

A race run as the neobuggy race is run now.

If the classes are separated it would make for more exciting racing in the Pro class, the main show, specially if points are given for qualifying also. Maybe give points for top 5 after qualifying. If a Pro class is used, points can be given normally, as max amount of entries is known. Last guy gets 1 point. So top 5 in qualifying could get points too, and they would be vital at the end of the year. Makes the race matter throughout.

6. Team Event

This isn’t my idea, so I won’t share it, because it’s so damn good. But a team aspect to the series should be included.

7. Banquet and Dinner, Speeches, Prizes, and Happy Days

The series ending event should be held in a country, and a location where the organisers are able to host a fitting banquet where the winners receive their prizes, and all participants receive something as a memory. It needs to be a night to remember.

8. Attraction


Money, that’s it right? All manufacturers and sponsors chip in, outside sponsors support the series, liveRC, RC Racing TV, neobuggy, redrc, the media needs to cover it, the racing needs to be streamed live. If everyone can just come together and work their differences out, a World Championship series will benefit all of us involved in RC. The RedBull RC Offroad World Championships 2020. Why not, that would be much cooler than fighting over entries at two meaningless races organised on the same week end.

The winning drivers need to receive contingency money, and the winning manufacturer should get something too. For example free entries/sponsorship for the following year.

The open class drivers should receive contingency too. After all, if they get some cash to help pay for their traveling and racing, they will most likely put that money back into the industry anyway.


Forget about plaques and paperweights. Hand out impressive trophies that will remind the winners of the races in years to come. Have a trophy as a series cup, adding a name and car brand each year. The driver gets to keep a replica.

Can’t think of anything else right now, but you get the point.