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What I Have In Common With Arnold Schwarzenegger

I have covered these same things this blog over the past year, and in FB posts before that, and of course, I have lived it since the year 2003. Let’s take a look

1. Trust Yourself

When I started designing my car, and later when I started my company, I knew that I didn’t know what I was doing, but I always believed I could figure it all out. That’s it really. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

2. Break Some Rules

Not a problem, this one I have covered. Stupid rules are made to be broken. From studying for my degree picking the courses I wanted, even when I wasn’t accepted into the specific programs, applying instead after I had completed them, to doing business unconventionally, figuring out things as we go.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

It goes without saying, I have failed a lot. When you try everything for the first time, it sort of comes with the territory.

4. Ignore The Naysayers

This does not only mean haters, it also means ignoring your friends or family members who may not share your faith. It takes a strong mind to remain dedicated and committed, specially if everyone around you thinks you are wasting your time, and won’t succeed, and definitely if your goals are to do something that hasn’t been done before.

5. Work Like Hell

In Ryan Cavalieri’s words: “I don’t know how you do it. I don’t know how you have time to do anything.”. Well, basically by not having a life outside of JQRacing, it is actually possible. This is the one that I feel like I fail at the most. Spreading oneself too thin only means being average at everything, and not doing anything as well as possible. I feel like I leave too much on the table.

6. Give Something Back

I try to give good young drivers with the right attitude and dedication the opportunity to achieve their goals in RC racing. I provide a ton of content such as this, for free. Outside of RC I give back too, but that’s a different story. Good things happen to good people, so try and be a good person.

RC Car vs Dirtbike

Today I did something a little different. I headed to Perris MX track and we shot a video with me racing my car against dirt bikes on the motocross track. We had Renaud Margry originally from France, riding over here now, and THE Mike Craig, Supercross race winner back in the 90s I believe, and father of Christian Craig. They thought they got my silly RC Car covered but they were ready to do battle regardless.

Well, to be honest, they did have me covered, but I still think I got more corner speed! I hope we got some good shots, and it will be a fun edit. We were almost done, and were filming a nice berm section on the track, and the roost of the bike kept flipping my car over, so I went first into the corner. It worked great the first time. 2nd time I hit a soft spot, lost speed, and got steamrolled by a 450 dirtbike. It blew the body off and tore it up, smashed my pipe, and bent my chassis and front shock! Damn it! But we still filmed another section after that too. JQRacing – Built to survive being run over.

Thanks to Jimmy from Freethepeeps for setting it all up, it was a lot of fun! Below you can watch Craig Jr battle Webb, in one of the best races I have seen. And that move at 3:25…..If I’m having a bad day, I can just watch those 3 seconds, and I’ll be all ok again. And below that, you can see that it hasn’t been all smooth sailing for him. MX is a tough sport.

OCRC Scandinavian Sandwich & Grassroots Worlds Prep – World Champ Going Down

Today I went to club race at OCRC with David RONNEfalk, and rebuild my nitro buggy for tomorrows Grassroots series race at Dialed In, where I am going to take down the World Champ. He is getting far to confident and cocky, and I can sense a Ken Roczen type miss calculation in his near future. I need to be sure to have the rest of the field covered when the Champ’s downfall takes place.

Today I raced 2wd and 1:8th. It was the 1st time I raced my 1:8th buggy and it was really slow to begin with, I made a couple of changes, thicker oils, harder springs, thinner sway bars, and got it a lot better for the main. In 2wd I was breaking in new tyres, and my diff really sucked, but as I was building the nitro there was no time to fix that.

This picture was taken exactly 3min before the 2nd qualifier. I missed the start by 3 seconds, and drove from the bleachers on the opposite side of the drivers stand.

So the 2wd main was a repeat of the DNC B main. The faster guys just kept crashing, and I motored along, had a big lead, and eventually they caught and passed me, right before the end. The 8th scale was a big more interesting. Please watch the epic move I put on David at about 4:20 in the race video above, and watch his really rude Scandinavian Sandwich on the back straight at 6 minutes. That is the most fun I have had racing RC Cars in a long time!

This is when David told me he is leaving now. It was past 11 and racing was over, I still had some stuff to do!

Reedy Race Day 2 Highlights

I’m so mad about Ken Roczen’s crash I can’t write anything sensible. Here are a couple of videos, the first one is the best race of the event so far, between Joona H and Ty T. The second is the greatest start of the event, by me. 6th place is a bad place to start they said, lol.

Just Another Phend JQ battle – Said no one ever.

The last club race before the Reedy Race went quite well. I finished 2nd in both classes behind Dakotah Phend. In 2wd I had no chance, I was far behind, 7 seconds back I think after the 7 minute main. In 4wd it was much different, as you can see in the video here! If I can drive well at the Reedy, and I get a front row start in 4wd, I think I could pull off a win in a main! That would be something special! It has always been a dream of mine.

Dare To Dream

New year, same dream. Somewhat stronger now that tangible progress has been made. Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years, and to everyone that continues to do so today. I have not given up yet. It’s still possible.

Revelation Raceway – New Layout Video

Revelation Raceway put in a new layout, and it’s dialed! Still a few modifications left to do, but it’s already fun. Revelation is hosting the 2nd round of the Top Notch Series this saturday, so prepare your cars and get out there!