JQRacing NEO17 CONTEST! For Lovers & HATERS! Everyone!

JQRacing believes in equality so during The Neo Race 2017 we are running a competition for every JQRacing fan or hater around the world.

LOVE – for drivers who are already intravenously injecting ‘the JQ cool aid’ this will be a chance to get up close and personal and learn closely guarded racing secrets from the man himself.

HATE – for the drivers who absolutely hate JQ it will be the perfect opportunity to confirm what you already know, that JQ is the compete dickhead you always thought he was.


All you have to do is correctly predict the total number of places of the FOUR HIGHEST PLACED JQRacing CHASSIS in the overall results at The Neo Race 2017 and you will win the opportunity of pitting with CEO, designer, almost qualified engineer, ‘sucks at driving pro’ and RC gypsy Mr Joseph Quagraine at a race. If you are one of the lucky or perhaps unlucky winners, JQ has promised to try not to be ‘too annoying and too Finnish’ (whatever that means) and will help you with wrenching, setup, engine tuning, pitting, driving advice and perhaps even buy lunch. (Not likely).

SO :

What are you waiting for, email your predictions to the address provided below and good luck to all you fans and haters out there.




1. the prize is to pit with JQ and have him assist you at a race, not arrange or pay for a race entry.

2. entries must be sent to justliam@jq-products.com and received by midnight GMT Friday Thirteenth April 2017 to be eligible.

3. the information that must be included in the email is as follows :

1st JQ Chassis – 10th place overall (for example)

2nd JQ Chassis – 20th place overall (for example)

3rd JQ Chassis – 30th place overall (for example)

4th JQ Chassis – 40th place overall (for example)

TOTAL 100 places

4. the winning JQ DRIVER must provide proof that they drive a JQ chassis.

5. the winning NON JQ DRIVER must provide proof that they do not drive a JQ chassis

6. in the event of a tie the entrant who is closest to the best placed JQ chassis position will win, if still tied then the closest to the second placed chassis will win, or third and so on.

7. in the event that race calendar cannot be coordinate with JQ, Liam Galvin JQRacing Team Manager will be available.

8. if within one calendar year from the first day of The Neo Race 2017 convenient race day arrangements cannot be confirmed with either JQ or Liam Galvin then a contingency prize will be awarded to each winner.

9. JQR reserves the right to disqualify any individual at their discretion and choose the next available entrant.

10. This is rule number 1o (Ten).

Who can tell the funniest joke

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