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THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 4

Today we headed over to another track here in Austria, A-Team Graz, for some last minute practice. Max needed to break in his new race car, and I forgot mine at the hotel, so I didn’t need to. That was fun! Instead I made the schedule for RCGP, and figured out that RC2 can indeed run 2 races, just like RCGP. More racing for everyone!!!

Yess, an RC track we can drive on!!!

New layout compared to last one, a lot more fun!

Spectacular place!

This is a great tan

We ordered some pre-race track watering. Not to worry!

Flamethrowers, Guitar Solos & Fat Whips

Yes we had flames and live guitar solos during the main…..

“It’s already 12 o’clock!” -David Infante

I threw some fat whips and then this happened.

The LosCocos team was back together. No coconuts this time!

In 2WD truck, I had to race the last main with one hand, and drink a 1 liter beer during the race. I obviously accepted the challenge, and won the race!

Dominican Ogio Bag

Finally, if you ever wondered what would happen if you hit a can of paint at full speed. This is what would happen. #yellowedition

Now it’s time to have my Dominican Birthday Party. I always miss my birthday because I am racing. I told the guys, that I’ll do the race, as my birthday present :-). More of a race report tomorrow. I’m out.


Some minor packing going on!

Been a bit quiet on here, compared to normal. That’s mostly because after 6 months I am moving back to Europe, and it’s always surprisingly hard to uproot your life and move. It’s 3am again, what a surprise, and tomorrow I’m flying back home. It’s been emotional.

Lost in Translation

Best texts seen on shirts:

“Gonromery Alabama”

“Dreaw Team”

“Heep Your”

“It Form Black Jungle Powerful”

This must be what Japanese think when they see SuperDry.



Sum41- Story of my life, since 2000. As long as I have raced RC, I have listened to Sum41, and now I saw them live! It was good…

Random Observations About America Part 2


If there is one thing Americans are good at, it’s being lazy. Name pretty much anything, and in America there will be a drive through version of it, just so they don’t have to move their fat arses out of their SUVs. I mean even the language is simplified, did you notice that just now? Thru/through. But there is another side to this, and it’s called convenience. Let the lazy bastards be lazy, for the productive people out there, America is awesome, because the lazy drive “thru” culture has brought with it convenience, and when things are convenient, it’s a lot easier to be productive, and get shit done! I mean you have to go to the pharmacy to get some pills (using the drive “thru” of course), you can get your beers there too. Who thought of this? So convenient, I love it.

This is my pet peeve in this country. People who are perfectly capable of walking use these motorised shopping carts and wreak havoc on everyone. If you can't walk enough to go get your groceries and hemorrhoid creme, then you don't deserve any.  I think anyone who uses one of these should be rounded up and shipped off to Syria.

This is my pet peeve in this country. People who are perfectly capable of walking use these motorised shopping carts and wreak havoc on everyone. If you can’t walk enough to go get your groceries and hemorrhoid creme, then you don’t deserve any. I think anyone who uses one of these should be rounded up and shipped off to Syria. The rest of the world manages America!

But to get to my point, it is this. The single greatest achievement of the Americans, is deciding to allow turning right during a red light. I bet you it started because some lazy bastard was so lazy, that he couldn’t be bothered to sit at a red light when he could easily just turn right, get home sooner, and eat more nachos in front of the TV.

The funny thing about American traffic signs is also how they write everything. In Europe there is a symbol for no parking, in America they spell it out “No parking here any time”, “stop wait here”, “speed limit”, “Do not pass”. Basically, if you don’t speak English, you are fucked! Then there is this one, “No turn on red”. That’s the bad one. Then you have to sit there in the right lane and look all European.

So why don’t we allow right turns on red in Europe? Probably because we have pedestrians, people actually walk places in Europe, and if we had cars running red lights things might get dicey.


Random Observations About America Part 1

usa-toiletsI never understood American public bathrooms. Or “restrooms”, apparently Americans go there to “rest”, the English go there to take a bath. Shitters, I never understood the shitters in this country.

  1. What’s with the ridiculously large gaps either side of the door. With the terrible fear of a transgender person using the “wrong” bathroom, and the imminent paedophilia threat, you would think that the health and safety office or whoever the hell draws up regulations for these public restrooms would be all over that shit.
  2. So there is a drought in half the country, but your toilets use about 5000 gallons of water each flush. And not only that, the fact that there is enough water to fill a medium sized swimming pool in the toilet means, that it is actually quite literally impossible to pee without splashing all over the shop. Now you COULD sit down to pee, but then you might be mistaken for one of those transgender paedos, and someone is bound to figure it out, what with those cracks in the stall.

Get a grip America!


Back at the track


After 9 days, I was really looking forward to going to the track today! I was so excited I forgot to take pictures. Actually it’s funny, I had a terrible first half of the day, but it was still so much fun to drive! I went to Revelation and the track was run dry, so it was like concrete, and you could actually get around the track on slicks! Hara was there, along with team Indonesia and Australia.

I had a worn out main gear on to start the day, but with the super high bite, that wasn’t going to last. Changed it, and immediately chipped a tooth on the new one. Ran it anyway for a while, then changed that, and had some engine problems. Then finally towards the end of the day got it all figured out and was able to put in some tanks. Time to do some wrenching tomorrow, glue some tyres, prepare one last engine for break in on wednesday, and work on some company stuff. Hopefully we can run on a wet revelation on wednesday, so I can put the worlds car down for some laps!

Now to watch the presidential debate,  in awe of how the greatest nation in the world has produced two terrible candidates!

Failure To Accept Reality in The USA


I feel like in America more than any other place I visit people have the knack for replacing reality with their own construction. This can be both good and bad, but it is a curious part of the culture here. Facts don’t matter, and people are seemingly blind to the whole truth or part of it, in order to stick to their own reality and view of events or the world. When this power is put to good use, it is great, but often it actually hinders progress and self development. Watch any talent show for example, and specially in America you find these people who are terrible at what they do, but are convinced that they are awesome, and that the judges are wrong. However, put this own reality in an intelligent person who is against the odds, and more than in any other country in the world, they can go on to achieve something unbelievable.