Who ME?

JQRacing exists because it can. It’s as simple as that. I do not believe in the lives we are expected to lead. I do not believe in normal, or reasonable, after all, most reasonable people, do reasonably well. I would much rather be unreasonable. Who knows where that will lead.

”We do what we want, so should you…”

I believe that we all have the power and ability to do what we want. Specially if we are lucky enough to be born into a country, where it is possible to have hobbies, such as racing RC Cars. It is just that most people are locked into this narrow minded zombie state of a predetermined normal route for life. Well I think you should instead figure out what it is that you really want to do, and do it!

For me, this means traveling the world, racing RC Cars, that we design, promote and sell. My goal is to create products that increase the enjoyment of others in this hobby, and hopefully along the way inspire others to follow their own personal dreams.

”Against THE Odds”

Doing what you want is not easy, because the world isn’t built to support people doing what they want. When you do what you want you don’t always fit in, you are against the odds. In my opinion to beat the odds, you have to work harder, and specially smarter, and be more ambitious and determined than others. Being against the odds forces you to re-evaluate what you truly want. You have to make sacrifices, like leaving a relationship, and going on a RC World Tour #rcgypsy style. But that’s just me.

On this blog you can follow my travels. This is my story…

11 thoughts on “Who ME?

  1. THEAce says:


    somehow an endless report will grow here, bring on these #notsomuchRCrelated details 😉

    I know #rcgypsy will become the most used tag here…


  2. Big Sister says:

    Do I get to proof read?!

  3. Paco Topete says:

    I really hope you can spend a couple of months
    meditating, in all gypsi style with no real food…
    just nitro to drink and hot chili to eat…all of this
    in the middle of nowhere…

    Best of luck Joseph

  4. Azka says:

    just waiting you to coach @Medan, Indonesia on 2-3 Nov

  5. Andrew Register says:

    looking foreward to having you in the states! philhurdraceway.com

  6. Hao says:

    looking foreward to excellent results in asia

  7. Bruce Burton says:

    hope you can make it to new england would like to meet you

  8. Barras says:

    You need to come to mexico, we waiting for THE car white edition

  9. Erick. "Keenan the kid" father. says:

    I like your style, it’s like feeling a fuck what people think or say! Can’t they understand that “we do what we want” even if it mean,”fuck the losers”. We race your well design car in South Africa and it kick ass. Well done brother. Stay like you are, because this who you are!

  10. boon huei says:

    i like to race for jq. how do i become your factory driver for borneo region. pls email me.

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