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1:8th Buggy World Championship Series


Think of your favourite motorsport, be it Motocross, MotoGP, F1, Rally, Nascar, whatever it may be. Is there one race that attracts you to it, or is it the full championship, and the points chase, ultimately culminating in an exciting finale in the final race of the year? I have long thought that it would be a lot more fun for both the racers competing, as well as the people following, if we had a World Championship series, with races spanning the world. We could use existing races, or create new ones.

Another thing, I don’t like how we race. We spend a week at the race, and the actually exciting heads up racing amounts to one or two races on the last day. What a waste!

Below I have highlighted some ideas. Let me know what you think.


A year long series, 4 races, 1 in each quarter in order to spread out the costs for the teams and people attending. Example calender:

February/March 2017 Race 1, USA: Fear Farm AZ, Dialed In CA

April 2017 Race 2, UK: Neo Race

August/Sept. 2017 Race 3, Europe: Asti, Barco Italy, Redovan, La Nucia Spain, Montpellier, Pierrefeu France

November 2017 Race 4, Asia: Cnetic Indonesia, 3Stone Park Malaysia

Existing races could only be used if the current organisers are willing to make the required changes to their race. Some would surely, some would not. It needs to be 4 equal races, organised to the same level and same rules. No exceptions because that race’s race director says so. Keep it simple, keep it fun!


All races count towards a championship. No drop outs. Points system, points for TQ and finishing positions. Either have points given like in qualifying, so least points win. 0 for winner, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd etc. TQ could earn a bonus negative point, -1. This way entry amount doesn’t matter. Everyone will get points. Least points wins the series. If we know the entry amount, we can make it so last place gets one point, and winner gets race entry +x for example.

3. Schedule

Keep it short. Friday noon start so people can arrive on Friday, and Sunday early finish so people can leave Sunday night.

Friday: Practice rounds

Saturday: Qualifying and lower mains

Sunday: Mains

Time schedule like all real races, so you know exactly what time you are up. Practice in heats, no standing in line, no confusion, pure simple enjoyment.

4. Rules

Base the rules on existing ones, but simplify them. Keep it simple and fair. Focus on the racers, and the enjoyment. Use common sense, always solving problems in the direction of best solution for the continued enjoyment of everyone involved, and add to the rules as needed.

Control Tyres

Something to consider. Maybe each race has it’s own control tyre, chosen by the organiser. That’s 4 different brands in 4 races. Figure out how to make sure no special compounds are used by the chosen brand’s elite drivers. Keep it simple!


Completely new, or heavily modified layout for each race, in order to keep it fair!

5. Classes

Only 1:8th Nitro Buggy, due to time constraints. The big question is, do we separate true PRO class from the OPEN class? Reason being, if we have a smaller amount of PROs racing, it is possible to have a lot more heads up racing, and a lot less practice and qualifying.

PRO Class

Manufacturers sign up their drivers for the complete series. This way the organisers know how many Pro drivers will be attended. Possibility to add wild card entries into the pro class for each event.

Qualifying will be done as heads up racing, (Reedy Race Style with points for finishes in each heat). Make the races 15min, so everyone has to pit at least one time, and the best guys can move to the front. Don’t compare races, or times, only finishing positions matter. Gate starts, or something similar to that would be best!

Follow this with semi finals, and a main final in the same way we do at the current Worlds. If we have enough pros, then 1/4 finals, 1/2 finals, and A main. I can’t see more Pro drivers than that attending all races.

OPEN Class

A race run as the neobuggy race is run now.

If the classes are separated it would make for more exciting racing in the Pro class, the main show, specially if points are given for qualifying also. Maybe give points for top 5 after qualifying. If a Pro class is used, points can be given normally, as max amount of entries is known. Last guy gets 1 point. So top 5 in qualifying could get points too, and they would be vital at the end of the year. Makes the race matter throughout.

6. Team Event

This isn’t my idea, so I won’t share it, because it’s so damn good. But a team aspect to the series should be included.

7. Banquet and Dinner, Speeches, Prizes, and Happy Days

The series ending event should be held in a country, and a location where the organisers are able to host a fitting banquet where the winners receive their prizes, and all participants receive something as a memory. It needs to be a night to remember.

8. Attraction


Money, that’s it right? All manufacturers and sponsors chip in, outside sponsors support the series, liveRC, RC Racing TV, neobuggy, redrc, the media needs to cover it, the racing needs to be streamed live. If everyone can just come together and work their differences out, a World Championship series will benefit all of us involved in RC. The RedBull RC Offroad World Championships 2020. Why not, that would be much cooler than fighting over entries at two meaningless races organised on the same week end.

The winning drivers need to receive contingency money, and the winning manufacturer should get something too. For example free entries/sponsorship for the following year.

The open class drivers should receive contingency too. After all, if they get some cash to help pay for their traveling and racing, they will most likely put that money back into the industry anyway.


Forget about plaques and paperweights. Hand out impressive trophies that will remind the winners of the races in years to come. Have a trophy as a series cup, adding a name and car brand each year. The driver gets to keep a replica.

Can’t think of anything else right now, but you get the point.