THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Practice Day 6

Today we finally got to start driving! Oh man, how I looked forward to this, because this track is FAST, and I love that! All I know is that the first lap of every race is going to be insane!!! I have a feeling that the races will also be really exciting, with a lot of passing, and a lot of mistakes. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

On a personal note, today was really frustrating because there was a lot going on, to where I wasn’t able to focus on my own racing at all. Tomorrow I should be ok, the crew here know what to do, schedule is done, I will be able to shift my focus to racing. Today at least I was able to help point Max the right way with setup. We raised the rear arm to 1 hole up C block, and 0 D block. This helped to keep the rear end flat and high on power in the super high speed sections. We also added a bit of toe in, I’m running 3 and Max is running 2, from 1.5 degrees. Swaybars 2.2 and 2.6. We are both running stock towers and the shock positions we normally run. Max all the way stood up front, 1 in on rear. Me 1 out from inside.

Find all the info you need on this page!

We had a local school class visit today

They seemed to enjoy it!

The track started off SUPER dusty. But after sweeping and watering it began getting under control.

So far HotRace has been the choice for David Ronnefalk it seems

Everyone was happy about the RC2 setup clinic except Lee Martin. The whole experience made him really sad.

Robert Batlle had this to say to team boss Brent Densford of BeachRC

I want to see the videos they got with this!

This is how happy Max was when he beat me, and then heard I was last! Idiot…

THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 5

Today was the last day, and everything is now set. Schedule done, rule amendments done, a lot of filming, and planning, and doing today. It’s past midnight, and I am really tired, so I will just share this short story I forgot yesterday.

I went to sleep around midnight, and woke up at 2am. I realised the lights were on. I couldn’t believe Max was still wrenching. I look over. No Max. And then I turn around, and there he was, just “resting his eyes”. What an idiot.

No Max? What the hell?


There he is!!!

THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 4

Today we headed over to another track here in Austria, A-Team Graz, for some last minute practice. Max needed to break in his new race car, and I forgot mine at the hotel, so I didn’t need to. That was fun! Instead I made the schedule for RCGP, and figured out that RC2 can indeed run 2 races, just like RCGP. More racing for everyone!!!

Yess, an RC track we can drive on!!!

New layout compared to last one, a lot more fun!

Spectacular place!

This is a great tan

We ordered some pre-race track watering. Not to worry!

THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 3

Today we managed to finish most of the work. We still have the press conference area, finish line, and Hotrace and Infinity boards, and some more painting to go. Things are looking good. Below you can find today’s updates.

The Fehring track is located just outside the small town of Fehring, and the Wendler brothers have made it nice and welcoming.

Restaurant and chill out area.


The RCGP paddock is almost done


Fan favourites are here

In Europe, unlike many other places, RC Racing, and race organising is still very much a family affair!


We have an over-under bridge in play.


That hairpin at the end of the straight on the left, next to the banners is where 14 cars will bunch up for the first tight corner after the start! It’s gonna be exciting

No more banners to hang or tents and flags to put up! Time for a cold Puntigamer

THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 2

Today was the first day of serious work at the track. It’s rough, we just go for average but end up with perfection. Started off using tons of zipties and after a quick learning curve ended up using about 1/3rd of the amount. Never stop learning right? Maybe next race we will have figured this out. Got a really great tshirt tan today. Will work on that tomorrow also. Below you can see pictures from today along with explanations of what is going on.


Euro Breakfast

Building the dance floor

Max picked out the trophy he wants. Pesky Italians didn’t bother attaching the plates…Cazzo!

Max was having a bit of a nervous breakdown early on.


We missed Spiderman, Potato Toe Boy, and Superman today.

Yes, potato toe…

Death by banner


Like I said, we go for good but end up with awesome.


Dance floor done


BeachRC actually got team shirts this time!


Did a quick Rally stage with a nice view. Had to pick up some stuff!


Wolfgang Riederer, of course with a Red Bull, we are in Austria after all! The Nitrolux and Crono distributor. Picked up some fuel, also available for purchase at the race!

Not possible to mistake this race, it’s an RCGP event.


This is as a far as we got with the tents today. We continue tomorrow.

THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 1

Today Max and I left for Austria. The RCGP of Europe, rounds 3 and 4 of RCGP, and the first of two rounds of RC2 Euro Series is at the awesome WMW Fehring facility. After moving back to Finland having lived in the Philippines for 8 months, it has been a busy couple of weeks getting situated, and organising the last things for the race. A nutty sleeping schedule this last week, going to bed at 7:30am, 4:30am, 4am and 2:30am, and getting up at 10am.  I even managed to build a new car for myself! About time.

At the airport, thanks to my Finnair Bonus card we got priority access and treatment. Interestingly the priority security actually means they make it a priority to check all of your belongings with a “random priority wiping test”. The logistics and travel manager, yours truly, was able to save almost 300€ on the unicorn budget, buy booking a Sunday early morning flight, instead of a Monday flight as originally planned. This was not awesome for Max, who had his graduation the day before, and spent the night getting drunk and not having sexual intercourse with anyone. He made it home in one piece at around 5am, and after a quick shower and a power-nap on the living room chair, headed to the airport.

Max’s priority treatment begins….

In this state, the priority check was also not awesome for Max. His vacuum packed hand luggage exploded in the security officer lady’s face during this priority check. It took Max at least 20 minutes to re-pack the complete mess. He basically shut down the whole security check unit.

Max 15min later.

After finally getting on the plane, it was smooth sailing, as the packing expert promptly fell asleep and I listened to a good podcast by Steve Matthes where he interviewed Marc de Reuver. The smoothest part of the journey.

Car rental. The perpetual bane of my existence. This time I had managed to book a car, on an already over the limit credit card, which was interesting, but I’ll take it. Next they wanted a 1000€ security deposit, which was decidedly out of the question. After trying the remaining 2 cards I own in order to pay for the full coverage scam payment, we were forced to implement plan B. Max’s father’s card, for use in emergencies where I get killed in a freak accident and Max has to make his way home. This was close enough.

Then something amazing happened. We had a quick prayer sesh, and God himself made our last credit card work.

About a 2h drive later we arrived in Fehring. The Wendler brothers and their families were there, and we checked out the facility and unpacked the shipment from the Philippines. Everything is in order, in true Austrian style, and tomorrow we start hanging banners and putting up tents. It will be 3 days of preparation, and then Thursday is a media day! RCGP drivers and teams in attendance for the press. Time for bed. Need to catch up on sleep.

Here we go, heading south.

Media Room

RCGP Pits will be here. RC2 pits is under the black roof.

This infamous shipment made it

Can’t go to Austria and not have some Weaner Shitsnell

Time to relax. Fun fact. In 2012 I painted a Team Durango 2wd buggy bodyshell in that pool.


THEQuagraine NOW


It’s been a while! I haven’t posted all year. For two years I posted something every single day, and got 300k views or so for the 2nd year. Not bad I thought, for only word of mouth “Have you read the blog?” marketing. Somehow it is still getting hits! People are still reading through 2 years worth of blogs!

I stopped the blog because I had “better” things to do. Back then I just made mention of the fact that you will see what I’m working on in the future. Well some things you can see now. Others you still don’t know about, maybe never will.

I still write some blogs, you can read them on RCMXONLINE

I’m planning to create a podcast, a much better guide, and setup app. Support that here.

As you may know, I am involved in creating RCGP. Check that out here.

And finally, I am doing Facebook Live’s now instead of the blog, add a notification so you know when I go live, or check the archive on Facebook here, or on youtube here. (They improve in the later episodes)

Finally finally about to release JQThreads this month! Already put a roof on one school in Mozambique, and supporting 10 students there each month. And we don’t even have a webshop yet. A lot going on, and closer than ever for it all paying off.

May God beLess!




I Have Made It Big Time – About Time

I can now quit my side gig!

It has finally happened. I made the New York Times Best Seller list. I am now a journalist, an author. I am a bloody George Orwell, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, I am William Shakespeare, I am Malcolm Gladwell. After writing billions of words I have been contacted by an RC website, and asked to write for them, on a weekly basis, and I of course said “it’s about time”!

So there you have it, professional author from now on. I have no idea what will happen to this blog. Maybe, eventually when they start censoring me, I post the uncensored versions here. Advertiser dollars rule, right? Let’s see how it goes. I’ll do my best.

You need to check it out tomorrow. I’ll post a link tomorrow.


2017 Top 5 Posts! 1st Place – To Win at Any Cost – Try Traction

Well, you probably guessed it! The nr 1 most popular post of 2017 was indeed, the divine intervention that happened at NEO17, where Ty Tessmann introduced the world to Pro Concepts! It didn’t go very well, unlike this blog post.

1st Place – Try Traction Scandal

Happy New Year to you all. Stay tuned for 2018, the year of THE JQ.

2017 TOP 5 POSTS! 2nd PLACE – Who gets canned first?

One day, these guys called Cody.

Cody looked at his phone, and he knew. JQ was right again….

2nd Place: Who Gets Canned 1st – Poll

This one was surprisingly popular. I actually didn’t think that much of it, I thought it was an interesting one to do. I got some hate for this, how dare I. I dare because I was right. That’s why. So all you haters can piss off.