THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 2

Today was the first day of serious work at the track. It’s rough, we just go for average but end up with perfection. Started off using tons of zipties and after a quick learning curve ended up using about 1/3rd of the amount. Never stop learning right? Maybe next race we will have figured this out. Got a really great tshirt tan today. Will work on that tomorrow also. Below you can see pictures from today along with explanations of what is going on.


Euro Breakfast

Building the dance floor

Max picked out the trophy he wants. Pesky Italians didn’t bother attaching the plates…Cazzo!

Max was having a bit of a nervous breakdown early on.


We missed Spiderman, Potato Toe Boy, and Superman today.

Yes, potato toe…

Death by banner


Like I said, we go for good but end up with awesome.


Dance floor done


BeachRC actually got team shirts this time!


Did a quick Rally stage with a nice view. Had to pick up some stuff!


Wolfgang Riederer, of course with a Red Bull, we are in Austria after all! The Nitrolux and Crono distributor. Picked up some fuel, also available for purchase at the race!

Not possible to mistake this race, it’s an RCGP event.


This is as a far as we got with the tents today. We continue tomorrow.

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