Who Gets Canned 1st? – POLL

With the economy as bad as it is, companies are saving on budgets, and that made for the most interesting silly season yet. While some drivers are performing and making positive steps forward, like Maifield and Ongaro for example, others are struggling, or may be victims of the environment. Collateral damage to downsized budgets and changes in strategy. Let’s take a look at a few possible drivers that may be looking for new rides shortly, I’ll let you decide. I made it a poll!

Cody quickly checks to see if he has been fired, between rounds.

1. Cody King – HB Racing

Cody is a World Champion, and a great talent. However, he has one drawback, lack of work ethic, and it seems like the new HB owners have realised this. Cody did not attend the Neo Race, probably because he needs to get his shit together before HB spend any money on him. Will he get it together, or will he get canned?

2. Ryan Cavalieri – AE

Ryan was just put on probation for a month by AE, and with Rivkin moving through the ranks, and being sent all over the World for racing, are AE trying to replace Cav with Riv? Will he stay or will he get placed on permanent probation?

What Drake would look like if he had a chin.

3. Adam Drake – Mugen

Adam once had a happy life at TLR. Then TLR hired Maifield. TLR realised that Maifield was winning and Adam wasn’t. TLR canned Adam. Now Adam was happy at Mugen, and hired Maifield. Maifield is winning everything, and Adam isn’t. Will Adam get canned again?

“What do you mean you won’t pay me?”

4. Dakotah Phend – TLR

Phend is Phast, but TLR have been downsizing, heavily. Will they still pay a top guy in 2018?

And the lord said: “It was merely a racing incident” – Quarinthians 3:77

5. Jared Tebo – Kyosho

Tebo is a legend, but even legends can’t survive on no money. Will Kyosho follow Tamiya and not pay top drivers? The rumours have been circulating for years.

Ty’s reaction when he heard Xray would run Pillow balls through out 2020.

6. Ty Tessmann – Xray

If you were sceptical about Tessmann’s frustration at the Xray 8th scale program, you need not wonder anymore. Because only frustration, desperation, and a complete plummeting self confidence can push someone to cause a Try Traction Scandal. My opinion is, that there are 3 possible outcomes. A: Ty works on setup, adjusts his driving style, like Tiger Woods re-worked his swing, and gets back to his winning ways. B: Xray make a new go back to a c-hub front end (they have the parts, it’s easy) in order to please Ty. C:anned.

Max demonstrating how to respect kind, caring and supportive people.

8. Max Mört

This cocky bastard is just about to start beating his boss. And that’s never a good thing. One great race could be all it takes!

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11 thoughts on “Who Gets Canned 1st? – POLL

  1. nunya bidness says:

    AE: Cav out, Phend in along side Rivkin.

    TLR: Goes full Durango and tries to survive with no pro drivers. Predictable result ensues. Well on the 8th scale side anyways. They might stick around in 1/10.

    Kyosho: Jared has openly stated that he intends to scale back, or completely stop racing after his contracts are up next year. With HB gone, they bring Ronnefalk back.

    HB: Should have hired someone else. They might make a play for Cav, but can’t afford him. Out of business soon.

    Mugen: Stays as is. Drake is a great brand ambassador, too valuable to lose.

    S-Workz: Dead soon as a brand

    SOAR: Might be ok in UK, US will never take off. Good car though.

    Tekno: No changes coming. I think everyone involved is happy there.

    XRAY: Holds Ty through his current contract. I think he’ll be done with RC soon. Smart kid with an engineering degree. He’ll join the “real” world.

  2. Allen Doss says:

    get that humble pie ready, morts gonna get you jq. lol. good job Max.

  3. Mattias H says:

    None of the above. I think Quagmire will be the first one to be fired as a driver and only focus on sales and development 🙂

  4. jme says:

    What did Cav do to get double secret probation?

  5. Dirty D says:

    I think Associated needs Cav. He’s from the old skool and has hung with Associated for many years. He puts their chinese made cars on top and is showing no signs of slowing down.

    Drake is a solid setup and race prep guy and has great work ethics. I think he means something to Mugen. I don’t see them letting him go. He admits to not being the fastest. Just the most prepaired and well diciplined driver.

    Cody Kaang… well.. Cody is Cody and when he is hot he is unstoppable…. but if HB goes out of business I’m sure he will find work somewhere.

    Dakota will still be with TLR the Durango deal won’t affect their race program. They sell tons of 8th scale kits

    Ty will figure something out with X ray . Pillow balls or no pillow balls. He knew what he was getting into when he signed up . And I’m certain he has a plan for dealing with it. His 10th scale game looks stronger than ever this year as well.

    Tebo complains about balancing work and family and I can relate. I work 6 days a week . Nothing worse than being away from the fam. And having your wife resent you for it. So he’s my pick for the kick. But, under his own power.

    As for Max Mort..
    Never heard of him.. maybe he will get a contract with Kyosho when Tebo bows out💰🇺🇸

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