THEBlog is BACK, for 10 days – RCGP Prep Day 3

Today we managed to finish most of the work. We still have the press conference area, finish line, and Hotrace and Infinity boards, and some more painting to go. Things are looking good. Below you can find today’s updates.

The Fehring track is located just outside the small town of Fehring, and the Wendler brothers have made it nice and welcoming.

Restaurant and chill out area.


The RCGP paddock is almost done


Fan favourites are here

In Europe, unlike many other places, RC Racing, and race organising is still very much a family affair!


We have an over-under bridge in play.


That hairpin at the end of the straight on the left, next to the banners is where 14 cars will bunch up for the first tight corner after the start! It’s gonna be exciting

No more banners to hang or tents and flags to put up! Time for a cold Puntigamer

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