Truck B Main – Operation Richard Saxton

It was Saturday evening. I was the first race up on Sunday, Truck B main. I looked down at my truck, I hadn’t cleaned it, or taken the body off for the entire race. I decided to change the clutch and clutchbell bearings. Degani was complaining that he wanted to leave, and Ryan Maifield had stopped by for a few laughs, sipping a beer. This was to be the only loving care this truck received this week.

The next morning, I got inspired during the A main practices, and glued up a new set of tyres. I was ready.

Early in the main, Greg Degani yelled up to me, ”Operation Richard Saxton!”. Somehow I had managed to make it to the sharp end of the field, and Adam Drake, the truck specialist was behind me. I knew what to do. Soon after this, Adam got side by side with me, and I initiated ORS. I tagged Adam’s rear tyre and he flips over, as I drive away into the distance, and promptly Adam proceeded to blow out for the next 10 minutes.

See, back in the day Richard Saxton was the best in nitro offroad, he would win everything, all the time, and this is why he got the nickname ”The King”. What he would do is, if for whatever reason there was someone actually challenging him in a race, he would run the guy over, and just drive away early in the race. This made the challenger super mad, and when you are mad, you are going to blow out and crash more. Genius.

Drake has now sort of taken over the ORS system back in the California club racing scene, something that I have been a victim of numerous times, so it was epic to be able to get him back here.

Anyway, luckily for me, Drake who was running longer stints and one less pitstop than me, flamed out in the pits and lost some time, so I had a decent lead over him towards the end of the main. I didn’t want him to catch me for the last bump up, so I was punched. Last lap I catch up to Billy Fisher who was in 2nd, and he is playing it safe, he is standing next to me and tells me nothing stupid now on the last lap, and I tell him yes but you have to go go go! I almost lose control, but I keep it together, as Drake has a meltdown in the last few corners.

Getting beat by JQ is worse than getting beat by a girl. Mike Truhe said he would quit if I beat him. That’s how bad it is for these guys!

Special thanks to Team Associated, apparently Cavalieri had told everyone to get stuffed at DNC, so AE stuffed him for a month. Anyway, they needed someone to take his spot in the main, so I feel like I did my job there. Put that truck in the main for them to get the quota up to par, too bad the tank they provided was too big!

One thought on “Truck B Main – Operation Richard Saxton

  1. […] Degani was not buying it though. He told me he had Richard covered. He said he has Richard so mentally fucked that he just can’t win. Ever since the 2002 worlds when Richard forgot to pit and ran out of fuel, and Degani sailed away to victory, Richard has had mind pump when racing Degani. Greg said that he just needed to initiate “ORS”. Operation Richard Saxton. You can read more about that here. […]

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