Euros 4wd – Who Will Win

Practice is done, and the winners have been determined. I will now give you the top 3 of the event:

1st Martin Bayer

Martin has the pace to win, and will win if he can handle the pressure. He can go fast without looking fast.

2nd Davide Ongaro

Davide will be the fastest but will make critical mistakes that will cost him. I should really put him 3rd, but I believe he will do something insane after his mistakes and still get 2nd.

3rd Lee Martin

Lee will keep getting faster with his new Yokomo, and will round out the podium. Smooth and consistent but things just won’t go his way this time.

4th Bruno Coelho

The reason I mention him, is that it’s basically between these 4 guys. I am 90% sure one of these 4 will win, and 80% sure the podium will be made up of 3 of these guys. I know you won’t believe me, but before seeding practice I named these 4 guys as the ones I am trying to decide on for a podium.

(I will do a 2wd report later)

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