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That’s Much Better – And Nitro Wiring

I'm slipping back to nitro wiring. I need to figure this out for the Reedy race! That servo lead though...:-D

I’m slipping back to nitro wiring. I need to figure this out for the Reedy race! That servo lead though…:-D

Well if yesterday was a disaster, today was a lot better. Got my act together, slept well, worked on both cars, and improved my driving. 4wd pace is acceptable, still slightly off the top, I would say I need to find 0.3seconds per lap on average in order to be really competitive. In 2wd I’m further off, more like 0.6 seconds that I need to find. On AKA’s I am quite good in 2wd and more competitive, but I just can’t do the same on the JConcepts, they are too loose for me. I will be trying my stand up gearbox car tomorrow just to see if that is easier to drive, and faster for me.

So for 2wd I’m still searching, but for 4wd I just need to drive better. That car is already good enough. Yest it can be improved, but mainly I just need to improve my driving, I need to maintain my corner speed better, and hit my lines better, that’s what I learned driving behind Maifield. When I did everything right we were going the same speed, any small mistake and he would pull a way a bit, then back to hitting my lines and I was fine again. And by mistake I mean braking too late, messing up a corner, going too wide etc. So need to focus on driving better tomorrow.

I think it’s really funny how some of these top drivers are such delicate flowers when it comes to their confidence and egos. Pull in behind them and they pull off. Can’t risk having me go faster than them in practice I guess. Or practice with no transponder until you are fast. Too funny. At least Cavalieri, Rivkin, Evans and Hara club raced yesterday. Hopefully more will tomorrow. Maifield didn’t give a shit also when I was trying to hang with him in 4wd, he didn’t pull off.

Did a podcast with Bobby Moore today. What the hell was it called, it slipped my mind now, but it will be out tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t make people hate me more!

Front Links and Camber at OCRC


Today I was testing at OCRC Raceway, this time with JConcepts tyres, that we are going to use for the race. Going from the AKAs I have been running, it was a shock to find that the JCs are so loose in comparison. I was doing donuts out there at first. In the end, I got my car good, and was able to match my best laptimes.

One thing I did, was mount these new pieces PR Racing had made, that enable you to shorten the front link, as well as adjusting it vertically. The stock link just attaches to the tower. Shortening the link made the car a lot easier to drive for me. It has less high speed steering, and more low speed steering. The car is more precise and responsive low speed. It also squares up and goes more straight out of corners, which I like.

Another thing that helped a lot, was adjusting camber. I have written about adjusting camber before. Getting it right makes the car a lot easier to drive, specially in 2wd. I went out and drove for about 5-6 laps, then stopped and adjusted camber, then went back out, and did this until I zoned in on the best setting front and rear. I ended up with 0 front and 0.5 rear. Hitting the right camber setting, which was not far from what I had, I had about 0.5 front, 1.5 rear, made the car a lot easier to drive for me, and I was consistently about 0.3s faster. Every little bit counts!

PR Racing MM and FM Setups for Dirt.

So, today me and Matt Schreffler were on it again, at OCRC! Matt TQed and I was 2nd this time, with both of us getting our runs in, in the 2nd round, under pressure. And this time we made it round clean for the first lap! That was great, then maybe on the 3rd lap Matt hit the pipe and collected me :-D. So there was a 4-way battle with Nick Miller and “The Admiral”. Eventually Matt got to the front, and I got 2nd. I managed to get 2seconds from Matt, and then with about 2 laps to go I sent it on the quad and jumped off the track. I still managed to hold on to 2nd. Miller time tried to pass me at one point, so I punched it and swerved right into him, unintentionally, it was like James Stewart when looses it in the woops, sort of deal. On that subject, he just posted he isn’t retiring. Thank you motocross god. Anygays, sorry Nick, I didn’t meant to take you out.

So here are my PR Racing 2WD setups, pretty dialed if you ask me. I haven’t run the MM now in a while, but I almost think I would run the stock front bulkhead, and not dremel the front arm, just run the hub forward like on the FM for less steering, or back for more. There was a mistake on the MM setup before, so I am posting it again.

*Uptravel limited with 2mm shims + 1 o-ring on all shocks.

PR Racing S1V3-MM QUAGRAINE Setup OCRC USA December 2016

PR Racing S1V3-FM QUAGRAINE Setup OCRC USA January 2016

FM Version

MM Version

Great Last Race – Learning From The WC.


Today was the 2nd night I raced the PR Racing FM, the laydown gearbox 2wd. This time I figured it out, and got it really good. In the morning I played around in CAD and did one of my magic setups, in theory at least. The car wasn’t feeling balanced, so I balanced it out on the computer. I was super excited to try it on the track, and once again, theory beats hours of trial and error at the track. Once I got the full setup on I had come up with, moving the front and rear camber links to new locations, as well as reducing downtravel, and adjusting camber, it was super good! I actually managed to run the best 2wd race I have ever done, even leading at one point as Rivkin crashed.

Then something happened that frustrates the shit out of me. I made a stupid mistake while leading, because I was impatient. I mean with the World Champion behind you, you kind of just have to go for it, but still. I was coming up to lap a driver, and instead of playing it safe at the end of the straight, I took an inside line, and clipped the pipe at the end of the straight. What I should have done is slow down more on the normal line, then pass the driver safely, as it would have been really unlikely that Spencer could have passes me there. Hindsight is 20-20, but after watching so many races for the win, I should have known better. It’s not like I would have beat Spencer, but I could have held him behind me for a few more laps maybe. When you are leading the race, you control the pace, so don’t take unnecessary risks, where you can lose the lead. It’s so stupid to let the other guy by because you crash. Go just as fast as you can, while being safe, and block every passing line. But at the end of the race, to be only just over 7 seconds behind Rivkin after 7 minutes, I’ll take it! That’s 1 second a minute. 1 second a minute? That’s not something that feels impossible to figure out. It used to be 1 second A LAP!

Best action after 4:25.

In 4wd Spencer raced the main, and we had a good battle. It was good to race close to a better driver than me, so I could see where I am losing time, and where I am doing well. What I could tell, was that in the tight corners, my perfect corner was Spencer’s average corner. I need to step up the corner speed in the slow sections. And on this layout, landing the quad and going into the next section I am also slow. The best way to learn to be faster once you are consistently fast, is to race close to someone faster. Just a few laps will already teach you a lot if you are paying attention. Also, it’s so much fun to do!

PR Racing S1V3 Testing at OCRC – Base Setup

Below you can find the setup I am now running on my PR Racing mid motor standup gearbox 2wd buggy here at OCRC Raceway. This seems to be a pretty good setup for a clay off road track. Some notes for what I found today.

  • Harder springs, but not quite as hard as the PR ones, AE whites were good, along with the 2×1.7 front, 4×1.2 rear, 35/15 oils. The suspension could still be better, but this was the best so far.
  • I raised the links, lowering the roll centres front and rear to make the car more forgiving.
  • More anti squat, 2mm under the C-plate really helped the car a lot, it squares up better and has more side bite, I can drive it more aggressively.
  • 24 front, 23 rear ride height made the car have more rear grip and it felt more comfortable to drive.

Download my setup here.

Roll Centres, PR SB401 laps, and a Wall (No not that one)

Above you see a few laps from today’s race. Nothing special, but there is something to learn there. How to not do what I did, and fly off the track. It has to do with roll centres.

Lowering the roll centre of the car, by raising the link on the inside, has the effect of making the car feel more “in” the track. It feels less “tippy” and softer, more stable, and less aggressive. I did this on my 2WD today to try and make it easier to drive, and it worked, I went faster than before. Sounds great right?

Well one of the downsides of running low roll centers is what happened to me here with my 4WD. In fast corners the car will roll and stay low, but if you don’t keep the throttle on, and the car stuck to the track, BOOM, it may or may not snap up and fly off the track. If I hadn’t let off the throttle there I would have made the corner nicely, but I wasn’t concentrating and I ended up in the wall.

To conclude: When running low roll centres the car is easy to drive, and less likely to flip over, but at high speed, you need to remember to keep that throttle on!

Below you see the PR Racing V3 front end. I only raised the links 1mm front and back.

Andy Smolnick of HobbyPro USA gave me these parts that bold on the front tower, that makes it possible to fine tune the front roll centre of the 2wd V3 buggy.

Andy Smolnick of HobbyPro USA gave me these parts that bold on the front tower, that makes it possible to fine tune the front roll centre of the 2wd V3 buggy.

PR Racing at OCRC


Ok, after 3 days at OCRC, I have worked on the setup on the 2wd, and am really happy with how it’s going. I’m actually on the same second as the fast guys. Amazing for me, that’s for sure. The 4wd was awesome from the start, I haven’t even made any changes to my setup! I am just running it for now, getting used to running 10th scale.

This is the chassis configuration I run. I remove the top decks, and I also cut down the side pods in order to add some flex.

This is the chassis configuration I run. I remove the top decks, and I also cut down the side pods in order to add some flex.


Andy Smolnick of HobbyPro USA gave me these parts that bold on the front tower, that makes it possible to fine tune the front roll centre of the 2wd V3 buggy.

Andy Smolnick of HobbyPro USA gave me these parts that bold on the front tower, that makes it possible to fine tune the front roll centre of the 2wd V3 buggy.


Back to 10th scale


Yesterday I went to OCRC Raceway and got my PR Racing 10th scale buggies up and running. It’s been a while! Last time I was in America I ran the Schumacher cars, so this was the first time I got to run the PR Racing buggies on a US indoor clay track. I’m running the S1 V3 Mid Motor car with the stand up gearbox for 2wd, and the SB401 4wd.

Yesterday I didn’t get to practice at all, as there was a club race in the afternoon, so I got my 2wd ready and threw it out there! I was only about 2.5 seconds off the pace, per lap! And that’s on a 20 second lap time! The car felt super stable and really easy to drive, I just didn’t have steering!

So today I went back and tried a few things. I also got my 4wd on the track. The 4wd felt really good immediately. I just raised the ride height from 21/21 to 22/22, and punched it! I’m not sure what the lap times are supposed to be in 4wd, but I feel like I am close, probably about 0.5s off, but I should be able to figure that out.

For the 2wd I laid the front shocks down to the middle hole, outside on arm, I used the optional front arm holder that moves the arms back, I lowered the car to 21/21, and it was a lot faster. Now I am only 1 second off the pace! These American’s are ridiculously fast with the 2wd buggies. I will be going back club racing on Sunday, so let’s see if I can do a bit better. Hopefully I will soon have some good setup advice for everyone running PR Racing cars on dirt!

PR Racing Now Available


I know it’s early for us 1:8th scale racers, winter season isn’t here yet, but remember, when it gets here PR Racing cars are now available on!

PR Racing Euro Setups

Me and Max running our PR Racing new mid motor stand up gearbox car. And Sami Salmela's shadow.

Me and Max running our PR Racing new mid motor stand up gearbox car. And Sami Salmela’s shadow.





Above you can see our setups from the recent 1:10th Euros. For all the PR Racing advice we have come up with, check here.