PR Racing S1V3 Testing at OCRC – Base Setup

Below you can find the setup I am now running on my PR Racing mid motor standup gearbox 2wd buggy here at OCRC Raceway. This seems to be a pretty good setup for a clay off road track. Some notes for what I found today.

  • Harder springs, but not quite as hard as the PR ones, AE whites were good, along with the 2×1.7 front, 4×1.2 rear, 35/15 oils. The suspension could still be better, but this was the best so far.
  • I raised the links, lowering the roll centres front and rear to make the car more forgiving.
  • More anti squat, 2mm under the C-plate really helped the car a lot, it squares up better and has more side bite, I can drive it more aggressively.
  • 24 front, 23 rear ride height made the car have more rear grip and it felt more comfortable to drive.

Download my setup here.

4 thoughts on “PR Racing S1V3 Testing at OCRC – Base Setup

  1. twistedneck says:

    Love these posts just discovering the PR Racing buggy.. how much total anti squat did you go with? Your old vids showed The Car getting rear end bouncy with too much anti-squat.. but that was during braking and corner entry.

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