Front Links and Camber at OCRC


Today I was testing at OCRC Raceway, this time with JConcepts tyres, that we are going to use for the race. Going from the AKAs I have been running, it was a shock to find that the JCs are so loose in comparison. I was doing donuts out there at first. In the end, I got my car good, and was able to match my best laptimes.

One thing I did, was mount these new pieces PR Racing had made, that enable you to shorten the front link, as well as adjusting it vertically. The stock link just attaches to the tower. Shortening the link made the car a lot easier to drive for me. It has less high speed steering, and more low speed steering. The car is more precise and responsive low speed. It also squares up and goes more straight out of corners, which I like.

Another thing that helped a lot, was adjusting camber. I have written about adjusting camber before. Getting it right makes the car a lot easier to drive, specially in 2wd. I went out and drove for about 5-6 laps, then stopped and adjusted camber, then went back out, and did this until I zoned in on the best setting front and rear. I ended up with 0 front and 0.5 rear. Hitting the right camber setting, which was not far from what I had, I had about 0.5 front, 1.5 rear, made the car a lot easier to drive for me, and I was consistently about 0.3s faster. Every little bit counts!

4 thoughts on “Front Links and Camber at OCRC

  1. WC 2002 says:

    Nobody gives a shit

  2. twistedneck says:

    WC 2002 you are a precious troll. JQ, you know u r getting popular when u get a world class troll who can be that direct w/o sounding like a spambot.

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