Great Last Race – Learning From The WC.


Today was the 2nd night I raced the PR Racing FM, the laydown gearbox 2wd. This time I figured it out, and got it really good. In the morning I played around in CAD and did one of my magic setups, in theory at least. The car wasn’t feeling balanced, so I balanced it out on the computer. I was super excited to try it on the track, and once again, theory beats hours of trial and error at the track. Once I got the full setup on I had come up with, moving the front and rear camber links to new locations, as well as reducing downtravel, and adjusting camber, it was super good! I actually managed to run the best 2wd race I have ever done, even leading at one point as Rivkin crashed.

Then something happened that frustrates the shit out of me. I made a stupid mistake while leading, because I was impatient. I mean with the World Champion behind you, you kind of just have to go for it, but still. I was coming up to lap a driver, and instead of playing it safe at the end of the straight, I took an inside line, and clipped the pipe at the end of the straight. What I should have done is slow down more on the normal line, then pass the driver safely, as it would have been really unlikely that Spencer could have passes me there. Hindsight is 20-20, but after watching so many races for the win, I should have known better. It’s not like I would have beat Spencer, but I could have held him behind me for a few more laps maybe. When you are leading the race, you control the pace, so don’t take unnecessary risks, where you can lose the lead. It’s so stupid to let the other guy by because you crash. Go just as fast as you can, while being safe, and block every passing line. But at the end of the race, to be only just over 7 seconds behind Rivkin after 7 minutes, I’ll take it! That’s 1 second a minute. 1 second a minute? That’s not something that feels impossible to figure out. It used to be 1 second A LAP!

Best action after 4:25.

In 4wd Spencer raced the main, and we had a good battle. It was good to race close to a better driver than me, so I could see where I am losing time, and where I am doing well. What I could tell, was that in the tight corners, my perfect corner was Spencer’s average corner. I need to step up the corner speed in the slow sections. And on this layout, landing the quad and going into the next section I am also slow. The best way to learn to be faster once you are consistently fast, is to race close to someone faster. Just a few laps will already teach you a lot if you are paying attention. Also, it’s so much fun to do!

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