PR Racing MM and FM Setups for Dirt.

So, today me and Matt Schreffler were on it again, at OCRC! Matt TQed and I was 2nd this time, with both of us getting our runs in, in the 2nd round, under pressure. And this time we made it round clean for the first lap! That was great, then maybe on the 3rd lap Matt hit the pipe and collected me :-D. So there was a 4-way battle with Nick Miller and “The Admiral”. Eventually Matt got to the front, and I got 2nd. I managed to get 2seconds from Matt, and then with about 2 laps to go I sent it on the quad and jumped off the track. I still managed to hold on to 2nd. Miller time tried to pass me at one point, so I punched it and swerved right into him, unintentionally, it was like James Stewart when looses it in the woops, sort of deal. On that subject, he just posted he isn’t retiring. Thank you motocross god. Anygays, sorry Nick, I didn’t meant to take you out.

So here are my PR Racing 2WD setups, pretty dialed if you ask me. I haven’t run the MM now in a while, but I almost think I would run the stock front bulkhead, and not dremel the front arm, just run the hub forward like on the FM for less steering, or back for more. There was a mistake on the MM setup before, so I am posting it again.

*Uptravel limited with 2mm shims + 1 o-ring on all shocks.

PR Racing S1V3-MM QUAGRAINE Setup OCRC USA December 2016

PR Racing S1V3-FM QUAGRAINE Setup OCRC USA January 2016

FM Version

MM Version

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