PR Racing 1:10th Day 2

Do you like my paint?

Do you like my paint?

Apparently I got a carpet version of the car :-). Anyway I had all the parts needed for dirt it seems, the centre diff being one of them. Today I completely removed the upper decks. The car is quite stiff stock. Tomorrow I will still experiment with the side braces, I only removed some screws out of them today, but the car is still so stiff, that I think I will remove them altogether tomorrow and see how it goes.

I have been running 3 hole 1.6mm pistons, with 450/350 oils, but tomorrow I will try 2×1.6/2×1.7 pistons which a lot of people seem to be running in other cars.

Still, so far so good! I haven’t broken anything so far. I bent a rotor though, after hitting a curb and coming to a dead stop at the end of the straight. Crazy shit!

IMG_4248 IMG_4249Tried trial and error geometry stuff at the track. Tomorrow morning the car will get the CAD theory treatment, and then I will go back and try whatever I come up with. Happy days!


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