Smooth Shocks PR Racing Day 3


I have found that the o-rings are quite sticky and tight, so I decided to only use one instead of two. I replaced the other one with one of those shims with a lip on it. This made the shocks nice and free. Apparently PR have/are working on some different o-rings for smoother action.

Today I also drew the car in CAD and figured out a setup to run. I will write more about that tomorrow. It’s late. We only left the track just before midnight.

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4 thoughts on “Smooth Shocks PR Racing Day 3

  1. Chao Sandy says:
    Perhaps you can choose this item, it should satisfy the enthusiastic who likes loosened condition to increase the grip.

  2. Hi
    is it possible to have a reference or the dimensions of the shim used to replace o-ring ?

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