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Balancing My LiPos

Can’t upload pictures, have to wait until tomorrow. Balancing my lipos, so I will have max power for the 2017 Euro trip, that begins next week!

Classics and Search

When I get lazy with the blog, remember that there is a lot of gold here. Also try the search function. It works really well!

Make Love Not War

One year ago I returned to Finland, went out, and got punched in the face by a drunk Russian. You can read about it here.


Let’s hope tonight goes better!

You can’t afford to, but also can’t afford not to

Mikael on the left. Race In Peace.

Life is fragile. Mostly we feel invincible, and put a lot of trust in our future. One day I will do this, one day I will do that, one day my life will be enjoyable, and just how I want it to be.

It’s important to realise that we live life every day, and that we should enjoy the journey, not begin enjoying ourselves once we reach our self determined destination. Live life right now, and figure out how to make it enjoyable.

We often think that we can’t afford to do something. However, the more important question should be, can we afford not to do it?

We all get reminded of this time to time, and it is with sadness that I report of two deaths within the last days, close to home.

Mikael Yrjänäinen started running the JQ car last year, and just got a new BLACK Edition, and was looking forward to the season. He passed away at home at 23 years old from a sudden medical emergency.

Jaisaac Sloan is the 21 year old son of Jimmy Sloan who was the man behind our ARMA Energy deal. Jaisaac died as a victim of an armed robbery in Arizona a few days ago.

My condolences goes out to both families and everyone affected by these tragedies. I can’t even imagine what they must be going through. Stay strong…

Ride In Peace

Race a BLACK Edition at The Neo Race 2017 With FACTORY Support

JQRacing is offering ONE driver who does not already drive a JQ chassis the chance to drive a Black Edition for the whole event.


Please contact JQ Racing Team manager Liam Galvin to register your interest.


– Driver applicants must already have a confirmed and paid entry to The Neo Race 2017.

– The successful driver applicant will be informed no later than evening Tuesday 11th April.

– A race ready chassis will be provided as well as any spare parts required.

– The driver will have to put up with JQ’s verbal abuse throughout the event.

ONLY the chassis (+body shell and wing) are provided NOT the engine, tyres, wheels, servos, Tx, Rx, Rx battery or fuel or any other items necessary to race the vehicle.

– If a NON JQR driver does not enter or accept this offer, then a current JQ drivers who does not yet own a BLACK Edition will be eligible to use the chassis at the event.

DNC Top 10 Thoughts – Part 3


…will be tomorrow.

DNC Final Day

dnc17-neo-8363-x2Top 15 thoughts tomorrow, I’m tired. I was about to make the main, but then I remembered I need to write a blog about it, so I crashed right at the end to make sure I didn’t make it in. Anything for you readers out there!


I’m looking forward to lazy Sundays