Classics and Search

When I get lazy with the blog, remember that there is a lot of gold here. Also try the search function. It works really well!

3 thoughts on “Classics and Search

  1. Roger Mills says:

    Unless searching for the posts about your thoughts on stick radios, never been able to find those posts….. pop up a link please.

    • jqproducts says:

      In the top 10 thoughts and silly season posts

      • Roger Mills says:

        Ok, think I have re-read them all but still no real answer as to why you think stick radios offer a disadvantage. Maybe something for a future post on a low news day?

        Reason I’m so interested is that I started racing with sticks in the 80s, raced some of the late 90s/early 00s with wheel but went back to sticks when I started touring car (I know, dumb doing on road right) as I found I wasn’t positive enough on the brakes with a wheel.

        Here in the UK there is a fairly clear division in racers, over 30 & most run stick as they always have, under 30 virtually all use wheels as that is what their first car came with.

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