2016 Ifmar Worlds – Seeding Practice


Today we had two rounds of practice that were used for seeding into the heats. They changed the system at this race, so the top 39 made the top 3 heats, 40-78 the next 3 heats, etc. The best 3 lap time from the two 10 minute runs would be used. I really suck at the 3 lap thing, mostly because almost always, I am THE highest, or one of the highest ranked drivers with the worst lap time. At some races I have qualified say 10th, and I have the shittest best lap of the entire top 20. It’s quite ridiculous. Where I manage to make it up, is in consistency, so I am too slow, but consistency is good. The 3 lap thing messes with my head, and I end up crashing because I’m not driving my car, I’m worrying about 3 laps.

In the 1st round I ran soft instead of super soft, and even though I thought I drove rather well, I was very slow. 2nd round I ran super soft, and was ok. I used the practice to find some lines on the track, because I know it is going to get really bumpy. I was trying to find lines that I am comfortable with, and can do once the track is really bumpy. Basically what I wanted to do was figure out lines that most others aren’t using at this point, because they will obviously stay smooth for the longest. I think I did OK at that, and I am really looking forward to qualifying. I absolutely love driving on tracks that get rough, and line choice and the speed you hit sections really matters. It’s the best!

I am the famous 1 second a lap off the top pace, which is of course annoying. I have decided to not just be safe at this worlds. Either I will be fast or I will crash a lot and suck. But I want to try and be closer to the top pace. So tomorrow could be really good, or it could be a complete disaster. But I don’t think it will be the same old same old.


On a last note, there has been more confusion, general chaos and face-palming going on at these World Championships than any other I have been to. I would like to note, that nothing serious has occurred yet, as it’s sort of minor stuff behind the scenes, but I am afraid that it’s only because nothing really important has happened yet. The main problem with not having a clear system is that it opens up the door for unfairness, and the other is that the 1st time participants are just lost in the mess. Back in 2004 Yannic Aigoin was TQ and lapped everyone in the semi. He was disqualified because his tank was 0.5ccs to big, or something stupid like that. That was possible, and it wasn’t questioned because in Sweden everything was run to a T. At this race everything is so laissez faire that when the going gets tough, and the consequences get serious, I would not be at all surprised if something completely unfair and controversial happens. And who do we blame then? Ourselves I guess for letting it happen. IFMAR is just a holiday club for old guys, what do you expect, they don’t care about the racing anymore. If they did, they would be actively running it, and looking out for the racer’s interests. Chris Tocco and Jimmy Babcock are basically running the race, and doing a good job, but they just don’t have experience running a worlds and are trying to run it like a normal US race. There is a rule book so the best would be to at least follow it. Personally I would just like to have the results posted and be able to go up on the driver stand without standing in line and arguing about driving spots. For me I am loving this race, I really am, but people like reading the truth on here, so I am putting it out there. I hope I don’t need to say “told you so” once the mains come along and someone gets done over. Let’s hope the program runs smooth and no one has any reason to protest later on in the week.


4 thoughts on “2016 Ifmar Worlds – Seeding Practice

  1. Ben says:

    Good Luck – I finished 4th in a state title last week. But I had like the 9th fastest best lap. Consistency is king. But Fast Lap & Consistent that is the Royal Flush. Next Corner Mate.

  2. Merdith says:

    You should be happy you are there. So many racers dream of going to the worlds and you complain too much. Thankfully you are the one who is responsible for what you put in your head in all the years I’ve been racing I’ve never heard such complaining we get your point you don’t like the United States I will say big races are frustrating try to make the bet of it who knows having a better attitude could put you in the a main or at the very least you might enjoy the race more

  3. RC Fan says:

    JQ, is it fastest 3 laps overall, or the fastest 3 consecutive laps? Yes, I hate the 3 lap stuff too. A few years back at a Reedy offroad race, my driver would have qualified 5th in the A-Main if fastest heat would have been used. Using the 3 fasted consecutive laps to determine qualifying position, he qualified into the E main, and bumped all the way up to the C. Would have bumped to the B if he had not been taken out by lap traffic on the final lap. Everyone would agree that qualifying based on fastest ONE lap would be absurd, so how can qualifying position based on 3 laps be much better??? Good luck the rest of the way.

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