2016 Ifmar Worlds – Free Practice


Practice is done. Let’s take a look at what has happened on and off the track. We have now had the in my opinion silly pre race where a bunch of drivers raced to get into the worlds. I think instead of that there should just be some allocation process to do it. Fill the spots to the max before the race, and then hand out no shows to people present according to some sort of system that is made clear before the event.

One of the great things about this race, is that for the first time that I have been to a race in America, it actually feels like a big event. All the effort Chris Tocco and his crew has put in, with the pit passes, the fenced off areas, the pits in general, driver stand, track with blue carpeted infield, banners around the track, bleachers, announcing by Jimmy, all the flags around the track, and all the worlds top drivers present, this actually feels like a big event, instead of a glorified club race. I thought I had already become completely jaded but I was wrong, this race feels really cool! I like that.


I would like to take full credit for the much improved pit presence of the teams, with tents, team shirts even, and of course carpets. Grey carpet for HB to match the team, and JConcepts with some green carpet. Mrs Jconcepts stated rather sarcastically that we did not invent green carpet, to which I say that I didn’t see any carpets at the races last year. It’s ok to follow the winning style and trendsetters :-). We now added a carpet sidewalk in front of our tents, so when people stop by they can stand on carpet and look all cool. We needed to up the game you see. Unfortunately we didn’t come across any recliners or couches on the way to Vegas. We need to look into that for 2017 also.

The Mört family's 1st worlds. So far no major meltdowns.

The Mört family’s 1st worlds. So far no major meltdowns.

There are a few small details at the race that should still be taken care of for tomorrow, for example marked off spots on the driver stand so everyone isn’t trying to drive from the same spot, with a lot of the stand empty, as well as watering more before the 1st heat in a round, so it is the same as the others, but overall the event has been running great. However, as with all American races except the Reedy Race, there is no schedule, and that’s not exactly ideal now is it. Right now the only way to know what heat is running if you don’t hear Jimmy announce it, (which you won’t for a large part of the pits) is to walk into pit lane. Not ideal for when qualifying starts and mechanics are trying to execute lightning fast pit stops, if you have people walking in checking what heat is up. Hopefully we could get the monitors on in the pits so we can see what heat is up.

The track is getting bumpy, and the good thing is, that it’s not going to get worked on, so we will get bumps in qualifying! Awesome, that’s good to know. I was somewhat wrong about the track before. I thought it looked a bit boring watching the pre race, but having driven on it now, I think it flows really well and is very fun to drive. It has a lot of sections, well almost all of it, where your driving really makes a difference. It feels good to get a section right, and you definitely lose time if you get a corner wrong. For me I am driving too hard into the corners, and blowing them and then the whole section after, I need to calm down a bit and focus on hitting my lines better so I maintain my speed throughout the corners. It’s a tough track for me to get right, even though it doesn’t have anything really crazy on it. Tomorrow I am just going to focus on driving the right lines, and maintaining my corner speed. I feel like I can be quite a bit better without making changes to my car, so whatever I do to the car will be minimal, the main focus now is my driving. I need to find that 1500 lap zone but I need to do that now after about 50 laps. Tough to do when you don’t have talent!

Already looks like we were wrong about the pillow ball cars, seems like they have the pace after all, but let’s see how it goes when the racing starts! And not only that, the kid Ongaro is running a bloody stick radio!



Oh and I almost forgot, the Kyosho wing controversy! I didn’t really care too much, as a world famous #rcgypsy, and also on principal, I decided I was going to run the wing I wanted, so I simply put my wing sticker on lower so it made the sideplate larger, and stuck a piece of lexan on the other side, and secured it all with shoegoo just in case. So factory!



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