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Top 12 Thoughts – Drivers & Cars

Well, that wasn’t too bad. We were right about a lot of things. We got 10/12 in the main right, we were right that a married guy won’t win, nor a driver with a stick radio, and that some drivers will Neff out under pressure. Let’s take a look at the main contenders, and a few others.


David Ronnefalk 1st (Prediction 2nd)

David was just as good as we expected. After finding the right tyre, soft grid irons, he was on the pace in qualifying, his confidence grew, and he never looked back! Luckily AKA’s new double down tyres worked and lasted well, and with a great 60min main drive where everything looked to work perfectly he took the win. The race was close for the first half or so, and it definitely wasn’t clear that David would win it, but after about halfway, he started clicking off laps and just motored away, and was suddenly behind the other guys on the track instead of in front of them. He did crash on the last lap on the 2nd to last corner, which could have ended in disaster, like Cody did on the last or next to last lap in Thailand. It seems like it is difficult to play it safe in those last moments. Heart stopping stuff.

A well deserved win for David, who has been supported by his father and Adrien Bertin for many years. I was sceptical about his chances after he switched to HB from Kyosho, because of his driving style, but he proved me wrong, by improving, remaining aggressive but being even more precise and in control.

HB Racing

David’s car looked very good, and it looks different to Ty’s HB. David’s HB looks high on the track, and he drives it within it’s traction capabilities, often going up on two wheels and just keeping it pinned. It’s awesome to watch. Ty’s car looks lower and softer, rolling more and not squaring up or recovering from mistakes or loss of traction as fast. Ronnefalk’s car looks more like a 1:8th scale style setup that can be driven hard and punched, and Tessman’s looks more like a car you have to drive with finess. Of course driving style comes into play too, but that’s not all of it I think.


Robert Battle 2nd (Prediction 9th, problem in final)

Even without taking into account the hospital, resting at the hotel, medication, and the still present kidney stone, 2nd place at the worlds is impressive, so I suppose now it is even more impressive. Robert had some bad mistakes where he lost a lot of time, and then he was stuck in the battle mid pack, causing him to lose touch with the leaders. At some point he got some space and began clicking off fast laps and drove up to 2nd place. I actually think Ongaro would have got 2nd, but he had issues in the end and lost out.


We thought the Mugens would struggle a bit if the track was loose and remained smooth, but if it got bumpy they would be strong. Wrong, they were fast from the very beginning, with Ongaro leading the way. Actually Ongaro’s Mugen was in our opinion the best handling car at the event. He could get away with insanity and it would just take it like nothing happened and keep going. Robert’s car was good too but looser and not as fast and safe looking as Ongaro’s.


Ty Tessmann 3rd (Prediction 4th)

Tessmann was Tessmann, but this time it wasn’t quite enough. He had the same car as the winner, different setup, the low cg OS cooling head, and ProLine tyres. If you want to look for reasons/excuses look there. Otherwise he just got beat. You can’t win them all. Tessmann has his pace, and can run it until his chassis wears through. At this race that pace just was not quite fast enough, for whatever reason.


Jared Tebo 5th (Prediction 3rd)

We predicted that Tebo would be a factor, and he was, even leading the main at one point. However, we also considered the fact that the pressure might get to him, which may lead to mistakes. In Tebos own words ”battled hard early, got a bit lost mentally in the middle, and finished strong to get back to 4th”. As Degani bent over to marshal Tebo’s car he could not help but think if Jared was thinking about his comments. (I may or may not have made up that last bit, as I don’t believe Tebo crashed by Degani) On that topic, did you see Degani marshaling out there? One of the fastest marshals. Who would have thought?


The cars looked good, they had the pace, but mistakes kept Tebo behind, and Boots had his other issues too. I think that mistakes happen due to driver error as well as setup, and on bumpy tracks like this one the setup that the Kyosho drivers use makes it more likely to flip over in a sketchy situation. Normally the Kyosho is very good at staying upright, but with the latest HB, and with the Mugens, the Kyosho guys can’t hang in all conditions anymore. Go back to the super rough Argentina Worlds Warm up when Ronnefalk dominated and absolutely blew everyone away in qualifying with his Kyosho, it was setup. It wasn’t what they typically run. It didn’t want to flip over. The bar has been raised the last few years in my opinion, and if you want to remain at the top regardless of track conditions, some changes need to be made.

Ryan Cavalieri 5th (Prediction 5th)

Ryan looked great in the semi, won it, but got a 1 second penalty, which someone pulled out of their behind, for muscling his way past Tessmann right at the line. Racing incident in my opinion, a tough call to make. Not an intentional take out, going for a gap that was closed by Tessmann, side by side contact.

Unlucky for Cavalieri to flame out on the line. The starts were terrible anyway, no structure, at least know the rules before you begin running mains, that would help. Anyway, flame out for whatever reason, which led to starting in the pits and battling in the pack. Driving up to 3rd-4th at some point, eventually finishing 5th. Solid performance, but I feel it could have been quite a bit better had he been able to start the race properly. If Ryan could have been battling at the front, I think the race may have been close to the end. He is too good of a driver to let an opportunity slip through his fingers.


A loose version of the Mugen. Close but no cigar. Two cars in the main was good of course, but when you looked at them, and then you looked at Ongaro go round, you could tell something was different.


Davide Ongaro 6th (Prediction Just misses main)

For me, Ongaro was the most impressive driver at the worlds. I think he surprised everyone with his speed and mature driving, even those close to him. He could switch up his lines when needed, he was fair and careful (even too careful) around other drivers (something the other Italian drivers could learn from), and his throttle control and ability to place his car where he wanted to was evident. He jumps really well too and clearly showed that he is a future champion in the making.


Reno Savoya 7th (Prediction No prediction)

Savoya is the other of the two drivers we missed for the main. Actually we didn’t even seriously consider him as a contender for the main. Degani thought that Savoya was the most impressive driver for making it into the main, as bad as his car was handling the bumps, the rear end wanting to go all over the place. That’s true talent right there. Also, then going on to beat all the TLRs in the main is an achievement, specially in America. Savoya was at best when he raced for Mugen, winning 3 Euros in a row if I am not mistaken, and getting a podium at the Worlds. Since then it feels like he has tried to make every car he has run like a Mugen, but you can’t do that. It looked like the stars were aligning when he raced for Xray, only to leave/be kicked off the following year. I think Savoya’s career could have been much different, and a lot more successful if he had been able to find a home and stay there throughout. Switching brands almost every year makes it almost impossible to win at this highly competitive time.


Seemed like it was critical regarding setup, not looking the best or comfortable on the bumpy slippery track. Apart from Dakotah in the semi, and Maifield at times, the TLRs were just a bit off the pace at this race. No big technical jumps, no point and shoot driving, more European style track just not the TLRs strong suit. We wrongly expected the Losi’s to be really good here, we did not realise how non-American the layout turned out to be. I will write about the track and about Europe vs America in a separate post later. Now we move on.


Ryan Maifield 8th (Prediction 1st)

Maifield showed his incredible talent in the semi final, where he was actually looking like he wouldn’t make the main. Then somehow he pulled it all together, drove like his life depended on it, and made it into the top 5. In the main he was just never a top contender. He made a lot of mistakes, and didn’t quite have the pace. I don’t know how to divide the “blame”, but it really looked like this wasn’t the best track for the Losi cars, and to compound (no pun intended) the problem, not the best conditions for the JConcepts tyres either. At this point, it doesn’t matter if you are Maifield, you can’t make up a disadvantage like that at this level.


Ryan Lutz 9th (Prediction 7th)

Ryan made the main as expected, because he is a great driver. So precise and fast, but driving carefully, not flat out. That’s what it looked like. He wasn’t really ever a contender in the main. It may be because of his absolutely terrible taste in t shirts, or…


Too hard to drive for 60 minutes was what we expected, and it looks like it was true. Ryan was reacting to what the car was doing, and correcting, instead of punching it around the track. In a way the car seemed to be controlling what he could do, not the other way round. I think the very different suspension geometry they are running needs some more work, for it to be good on other than the standard smooth medium grip jumpy US tracks.


Elliot Boots 10th (Prediction 6th)

Boots made a charge to the front during the early part of the race, but began falling back, mainly due to two factors. 1. Wrong tyre choice, ending up with slicks probably quite early on. 2. No runtime, stopping at 6 minutes. The strange thing is that Maifield who also drives punched was able to go 7:30. The difference could be the fuel, Boots running Byrons, and Maifield on Sidewinder, which has proven to have good runtime in the past. Boots was probably disappointed after TQ:ing the 2 first rounds of qualifying, and being so dominant in the early stages. He dropped off a bit after that, but came back strong with a great semi, and a good push to the front in the main, until his problems began. To win you need to have all parts of your program on point, and working right. He obviously has the speed. It may also have been that stick radio catching up to him!


Dakotah Phend 11th (Prediction 10th)

I don’t know what happened between the semi final and the main, but whatever it was, it was not good. He was so far ahead in the semi that he flamed out and still made the main. In the main I didn’t even notice him. Degani did, when he marshalled him. Unfortunate turn of events, based on his semi final pace! I don’t really know what to say.


Kyle McBride 12th (Prediction 8th)

You didn’t think of this guy did you? Well we did, and how genius do we look now? Kyle is a smooth driver, and good in mains, and clearly good when the track is difficult. His engine sounded like a turd in the main, I don’t know what was going on there. Just sounded too rich the whole time, and he never really got going.

Outside The Main:


Josh Wheeler

We picked Josh to make the main, and early on in the race we were looking good, as Josh posted top 10 times. But then he began having his “Wheeler Issues” with a runaway or two, and a flameout in his 1/4 final. Not quite able to squeak it in this time.


Spencer Rivkin

Rivkin was a natural pick, I mean he is the current National Champion after all. But this time the track wasn’t his cup of tea. Long finals on a bumpy track like that is not what Rivkin specialises in. An electric driver and used to smooth tracks, it was not to be. Never really had a chance in the semi, even though he bumped easily from the 1/4.


Cody King

About a year ago Degani predicted that Cody would finish 10th at this Worlds. He finished 14th, so not far off. Degani laid out a plan for Cody. After breaking up with his girlfriend, he should have rented a place in Vegas, and lived there for the year, and practiced his ass off. Then he could have a good shot at being the 2nd double champ in history. Otherwise it would be 10th place according to Greg. Well it didn’t happen, and 14th was the result.

I thought Cody looked good for part of the semi and was in a position to bump up, but he must have had a couple of bad wrecks because he fell back suddenly and just missed the bump up. An impressive run of Worlds A mains from his first Worlds in 2008 through 2010, 2012 and 2014 comes to an end.


Luis Gudino

Honorable mention to Luis Gudino, at nitro challenge he almost knocked his head off, forgetting the finish line sign at the step down, and proceeded to eat shit and blow out his knee. This time he made the lap without major injuries. Looking forward to Australia 2018!



The Problem With Making Up The Rules As You Go


Some days ago I wrote about the lack of knowledge of the rules, and the lack of enforcing them correctly at the worlds. I could already see that something controversial could easily happen, and it did. Normally following the rules wouldn’t bother people, but when it becomes selective rule following, it’s a problem.

If I was Team Associated I would probably be pretty mad right now, and if I was Cavalieri I might feel disappointed. We possibly missed out on a great battle. Cavalieri flamed out on the line, the starting procedure was halted, his car was restarted, and as everyone waited people started booing. Then they were booing even stronger when his car was brought to the line. Apparently this made the people running the race check the rules (go figure) and Cavalieri was sent to the pits to start the race. Even this was actually more than what the rules allow, because the delay made it so Cavalieri’s car was ready to go once the start went. Normally there is no pause, and they wait for no one.

However, in my 1:8th final Dylan Rodriguez had the wrong number on his car, and it was noticed when the cars were lined up on the starting line. The start procedure was halted, and the race director put the right numbers on the car, the car was taken back to the line and he started the race.

On the last lap of the semi final, Cavalieri made an awesome challenge on Tessmann, cutting to the inside, as Tessman closed the door last minute. It was an incredible move, and the buggies touched side by side. The contact caused Tessmann to role, and Cavalieri won the race. A racing incident caused by Tessmann leaving the door open, a great but aggressive move by Cavalieri, and Tessmann not giving up the spot. Not deserving of a penalty according to most, but in any case, a 1 second penalty? What the hell is that? Did that really happen?

On the opening lap of the semi final Dakotah Phend just drove through Ongaro, nailed him 100% from behind before the option jump at the back, causing Ongaro to land on his roof off the track, and continue dead last. No penalty. Thankfully Ongaro was super fast.

I think the traveling old guy club needs to stay at the pool and have some decent referees that actually care about racing take over. Also, I think that rules should be made to keep racing fair, not destroy the racing. If you forget to marshal it’s not fair to disqualify you from further racing. If you flame out on the line, I think it is too harsh at this level to just put you to the back. Why not just allow starter boxes at the line? Whenever a rule is broken and a penalty issued that causes the race to suffer, and controversy to arise, I think it is in all of our interest to review it and see if it could be avoided in the future. Based on this year we have learned:

  1. If you forget to marshal your main, a more in line penalty is to start you at the back of the grid for example, not ban you from racing. This applies in Europe where you marshal before you race.
  2. If you flame out on the line, it is better to allow starter boxes. No waiting, just fire it up and either make the start or not, but in any case it won’t be as bad as starting in the pits.

The goal is to have fun, as well as make the racing as good as possible. Let’s have the rules, and the referees rulings reflect that!


2016 Worlds Random Thoughts


Here are some thoughts on the Worlds. +/- and some random thoughts.

+ The track made for great racing. Many mains ended in last lap battles!

– The track was too narrow according to the rules.

+ The track got bumpy and difficult, different line choices were possible, you had to think, not just drive.

– The watering of the track made it very inconsistent, depending on what time of day you drove. Not a fan.


And don’t give me that shit about dust and the airport bla bla. No need to water. Tracks work when dry also! The rest of the world manages. Apparently Australian worlds will be run wet too? I hope not.

I had this same beef with the European Championships, and I believe I actually caused EFRA to make the change. I think that a junior race is far more valuable than an old mans race. Wouldn’t it make more sense to let the youngsters, say 17 and under compete in a junior WC final, instead of the old guys? And if you want to have old guys race, make it 40 and over, not 35. The youngsters will definitely appreciate it more, and cherish the memory. Even though the old guys make the rules, I think we should remember who the most important drivers are, and where the future of the sports lies. HOLD A JR RACE!!!

+ Is this a new record amount of countries? 42 countries is impressive!

– Drivers had to marshal 😦 But the real question is, why did the oldies marshal the main?

I think most will agree that from a racing perspective this was one of the best worlds in a long time. It was exciting, and apart from Ronnefalk pulling away the last half of the main, the last few mains were awesome to both race in, and to watch. Please let this be the beginning of going back to racing on real 1:8th offroad tracks,  that blow out and get bumpy and tough. 1:8th offroad is supposed to be motocross, not supermoto.



Worlds Done!


Well we have a new World Champion! There is a lot to write about this race, but not tonight. We made predictions before our race, and we got 10/12 correct. See, we aren’t that stupid, we put some thought into this! Some people had hard cars to drive, others blew out, a married dude didn’t win, and neither did a stick radio. There will be a lot to cover. Will have Worlds blog posts all next week I think. For now I will just leave you with this:

David Ronnefalk is World Champion, and so is Pierre Ronnefalk and Adrien Bertin. Solid team, solid effort, for quite a few years already! Congratulations to them all, and HB Racing, Orion, AKA also. A deserving champion, and Scandinavian :-p


2016 Ifmar Worlds – Qualifying Day 3

neo-1427-x3It’s been difficult, but now I think I have found something I can work with for 30min mains! Now I can’t be bothered to write anything. Tomorrow is a day off for me, so then I can write some stuff. For now, time to take a bit of a break. Car is all done already, the shakedown was the last qualifying round. Genius.


2016 Ifmar Worlds – Qualifying Day 2


This has got to be the hardest qualifying I have experienced at a race. Every time you hit the track, it is different, and it’s pure luck as to which heat you seeded into, and what you will be faced with. Heat 1 had a disadvantage yesterday due to very wet track conditions, and then the track conditions always improved for the rest of the fast heats. So yesterday I had a good day in heat 6. Today they started with heat 7, but they didn’t wet the track so much, and also, as they ran on a wet track last night, it began getting rough, so today it slowed down a lot as the broken surface began getting rougher during the day. This meant that the early heats, 7, 8, 9, that still had some decent drivers in them, had a clear advantage over the others, specially in the 1st round today. I mean would you otherwise expect Tomi Salonen to qualify 4th, and Benz Paphon 16th? I didn’t think so. I was in the very last heat today, so today was basically my throw out. Somehow a couple of guys in my heat managed one great round. They must have got everything just right, because the last heats were clearly at a disadvantage today in my opinion. It’s really mixed up in qualifying, and I expect some people to drop like a rock in their main, and others to dominate. Tomorrow is the last day of qualifying, and seeing as all the fast drivers should be in just about equal conditions mid round, I expect it to best reflect the true pace of the main contenders, unlike the first two days.


Paco has been filming me so I can watch and learn. Seeing where you suck the worst is good! Thank you Paco!

For a race like this, you need talent to do well, because you immediately have to adapt to the conditions. If you have read my blog at all, you will know that this is not an option for me. However, looking on the bright side, I have noticed that I have made some progress. Unlike other worlds, even though I have been nervous, and I have put pressure on myself, it hasn’t affected me negatively, and I have driven quite well in my own opinion. The only times I have crashed have been in my best round where I got 13th. My other rounds I have had some traffic, but I haven’t blown out, started shaking, or driven like an idiot. I have taken calculated risks, I have made some good overtaking manouvers, I have been on the edge, and almost crashed, I have been consistent, and I believe that in equal track conditions I would be quite a bit higher than what I am now. This is good for the finals. I think I have pace to make the semi finals, the way things are now, but to make the main, I need to find some more speed tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes!

We had a lovely Arma Energy Model show up at the track today! Something positive!

We had a lovely Arma Energy Model show up at the track today! Something positive!

Basically I’m clearly not good enough yet, but I have definitely made progress. In the last round I was driving OK, then Wheeler caught up to me, (he was leading) and somehow I stepped it up and stayed ahead of him for 2 or 3 laps, until a backmarker got in the way. I need to figure out why I’m not driving that way all the time. I shouldn’t be able to step it up like that. I need to learn how to place my car better on the track, and be more precise while carrying speed. I can do it, but only after 1500 laps. I need to be able to do it with less practice. If this race was on my home track, I would qualify top 10. I would be willing to bet big money on that. Somehow I need to get to where I can reach my full potential with less laps on the track. I don’t know if this will be possible before I am too old.

Counting 4 rounds, where 2 were definitely run at a disadvantage, and 1 with the wrong tyre choice, and one good one, I am 26th overall. This means that I still have a chance to even make the 1/4 finals if I have 2 perfect runs tomorrow. That’s what I will be going for. Go for it, either do well, or crash out.


2016 Ifmar Worlds – Seeding Practice


Today we had two rounds of practice that were used for seeding into the heats. They changed the system at this race, so the top 39 made the top 3 heats, 40-78 the next 3 heats, etc. The best 3 lap time from the two 10 minute runs would be used. I really suck at the 3 lap thing, mostly because almost always, I am THE highest, or one of the highest ranked drivers with the worst lap time. At some races I have qualified say 10th, and I have the shittest best lap of the entire top 20. It’s quite ridiculous. Where I manage to make it up, is in consistency, so I am too slow, but consistency is good. The 3 lap thing messes with my head, and I end up crashing because I’m not driving my car, I’m worrying about 3 laps.

In the 1st round I ran soft instead of super soft, and even though I thought I drove rather well, I was very slow. 2nd round I ran super soft, and was ok. I used the practice to find some lines on the track, because I know it is going to get really bumpy. I was trying to find lines that I am comfortable with, and can do once the track is really bumpy. Basically what I wanted to do was figure out lines that most others aren’t using at this point, because they will obviously stay smooth for the longest. I think I did OK at that, and I am really looking forward to qualifying. I absolutely love driving on tracks that get rough, and line choice and the speed you hit sections really matters. It’s the best!

I am the famous 1 second a lap off the top pace, which is of course annoying. I have decided to not just be safe at this worlds. Either I will be fast or I will crash a lot and suck. But I want to try and be closer to the top pace. So tomorrow could be really good, or it could be a complete disaster. But I don’t think it will be the same old same old.


On a last note, there has been more confusion, general chaos and face-palming going on at these World Championships than any other I have been to. I would like to note, that nothing serious has occurred yet, as it’s sort of minor stuff behind the scenes, but I am afraid that it’s only because nothing really important has happened yet. The main problem with not having a clear system is that it opens up the door for unfairness, and the other is that the 1st time participants are just lost in the mess. Back in 2004 Yannic Aigoin was TQ and lapped everyone in the semi. He was disqualified because his tank was 0.5ccs to big, or something stupid like that. That was possible, and it wasn’t questioned because in Sweden everything was run to a T. At this race everything is so laissez faire that when the going gets tough, and the consequences get serious, I would not be at all surprised if something completely unfair and controversial happens. And who do we blame then? Ourselves I guess for letting it happen. IFMAR is just a holiday club for old guys, what do you expect, they don’t care about the racing anymore. If they did, they would be actively running it, and looking out for the racer’s interests. Chris Tocco and Jimmy Babcock are basically running the race, and doing a good job, but they just don’t have experience running a worlds and are trying to run it like a normal US race. There is a rule book so the best would be to at least follow it. Personally I would just like to have the results posted and be able to go up on the driver stand without standing in line and arguing about driving spots. For me I am loving this race, I really am, but people like reading the truth on here, so I am putting it out there. I hope I don’t need to say “told you so” once the mains come along and someone gets done over. Let’s hope the program runs smooth and no one has any reason to protest later on in the week.


2016 Ifmar Worlds – Free Practice


Practice is done. Let’s take a look at what has happened on and off the track. We have now had the in my opinion silly pre race where a bunch of drivers raced to get into the worlds. I think instead of that there should just be some allocation process to do it. Fill the spots to the max before the race, and then hand out no shows to people present according to some sort of system that is made clear before the event.

One of the great things about this race, is that for the first time that I have been to a race in America, it actually feels like a big event. All the effort Chris Tocco and his crew has put in, with the pit passes, the fenced off areas, the pits in general, driver stand, track with blue carpeted infield, banners around the track, bleachers, announcing by Jimmy, all the flags around the track, and all the worlds top drivers present, this actually feels like a big event, instead of a glorified club race. I thought I had already become completely jaded but I was wrong, this race feels really cool! I like that.


I would like to take full credit for the much improved pit presence of the teams, with tents, team shirts even, and of course carpets. Grey carpet for HB to match the team, and JConcepts with some green carpet. Mrs Jconcepts stated rather sarcastically that we did not invent green carpet, to which I say that I didn’t see any carpets at the races last year. It’s ok to follow the winning style and trendsetters :-). We now added a carpet sidewalk in front of our tents, so when people stop by they can stand on carpet and look all cool. We needed to up the game you see. Unfortunately we didn’t come across any recliners or couches on the way to Vegas. We need to look into that for 2017 also.

The Mört family's 1st worlds. So far no major meltdowns.

The Mört family’s 1st worlds. So far no major meltdowns.

There are a few small details at the race that should still be taken care of for tomorrow, for example marked off spots on the driver stand so everyone isn’t trying to drive from the same spot, with a lot of the stand empty, as well as watering more before the 1st heat in a round, so it is the same as the others, but overall the event has been running great. However, as with all American races except the Reedy Race, there is no schedule, and that’s not exactly ideal now is it. Right now the only way to know what heat is running if you don’t hear Jimmy announce it, (which you won’t for a large part of the pits) is to walk into pit lane. Not ideal for when qualifying starts and mechanics are trying to execute lightning fast pit stops, if you have people walking in checking what heat is up. Hopefully we could get the monitors on in the pits so we can see what heat is up.

The track is getting bumpy, and the good thing is, that it’s not going to get worked on, so we will get bumps in qualifying! Awesome, that’s good to know. I was somewhat wrong about the track before. I thought it looked a bit boring watching the pre race, but having driven on it now, I think it flows really well and is very fun to drive. It has a lot of sections, well almost all of it, where your driving really makes a difference. It feels good to get a section right, and you definitely lose time if you get a corner wrong. For me I am driving too hard into the corners, and blowing them and then the whole section after, I need to calm down a bit and focus on hitting my lines better so I maintain my speed throughout the corners. It’s a tough track for me to get right, even though it doesn’t have anything really crazy on it. Tomorrow I am just going to focus on driving the right lines, and maintaining my corner speed. I feel like I can be quite a bit better without making changes to my car, so whatever I do to the car will be minimal, the main focus now is my driving. I need to find that 1500 lap zone but I need to do that now after about 50 laps. Tough to do when you don’t have talent!

Already looks like we were wrong about the pillow ball cars, seems like they have the pace after all, but let’s see how it goes when the racing starts! And not only that, the kid Ongaro is running a bloody stick radio!



Oh and I almost forgot, the Kyosho wing controversy! I didn’t really care too much, as a world famous #rcgypsy, and also on principal, I decided I was going to run the wing I wanted, so I simply put my wing sticker on lower so it made the sideplate larger, and stuck a piece of lexan on the other side, and secured it all with shoegoo just in case. So factory!



2016 Ifmar Worlds Day 1 – Top 12 Predictions

Here’s Degani and me, breaking down the top 12 at this worlds. We realise that the industry is small, egos are fragile, and more people may hate us shortly, but as you probably know, we really don’t give a shit. Here is our honest opinion on the contenders. Deal with it! If you think we are wrong, prove us wrong. Don’t neff out.

There are too many good drivers to think about, so we just look at a potential A main full of drivers and their cars. Tomorrow I will give you my thoughts on the first 2 practice days, wing controversies and all. But for now, let’s take a look at the contenders before the action really begins, and our views get affected by on track action.


1. Ryan Maifield

Maifield has been on fire this year, and was the man to beat in Italy too. Now he is in his home country, and even more comfortable. The Jconcepts tyres are clearly good in the conditions, and the Losi is great on these sorts of 1:10th electric style tracks, lower speed, lower grip, hairpins, jumps, rollers etc. Expect Maifield to be dialed.

The only negative is pressure. The longer you go where you could and should win, but don’t the higher the pressure, so a lot will be decided mentally for Maifield, more so than for his mostly already World Champion competition.


2. David Ronnefalk

Ronnefalk is one of the most versatile European drivers in 8th scale, with no real weakness as far as track condition or type goes. He seems to be fast no matter what. Even though he says he is faster with the HB, we feel like with the Kyosho he was more consistent, the car would let him get away with more crazyness, where the HB may or may not do something weird when pushed, leading to a mistake. However, with low grip and relatively low speeds on this layout, this may be a smaller issue. Expect him to be a contender throughout.


3. Jared Tebo

The bumpier and more difficult the track gets, the better for Tebo. His car and his driving is really good for those conditions. Also, the fact that the track is slow should help him. We think this is the Championship Tebo really wants, but he is already WC, so there is pressure, but it is different compared to for example Maifield. I think when you believe that jesus is on your side it actually helps you mentally, and with a 3rd baby on the way, I just sense that life is good in the Tebo camp, and he is sort of going for the cherry on top. It’s less pressure that way. This could be the year. Then again, he did TQ and then blow out at the 2WD worlds, so what do I know. That’s sort of what Degani was trying to say but I wasn’t having it. In any case, Tebo has the skills and the equipment, and he usually finishes his mains.


4. Ty Tessmann

Tessmann is like Ryan Dungey, he is always there. He could win, he could be 5th, I don’t know. Compared to Ronnefalk he drives more in control, so less mistakes or wacky car reactions. He could be the 1st guy to win two in a row, exciting!


5. Ryan Cavalieri

Cavalieri is one of the best when it comes to long mains, as well as being fast on electric style tracks like this one. However, unless it gets really bumpy, I think the pillow ball AE will be a bit of a disadvantage on this track. It’s just not as nimble and precise as the other styles of front end on a loose track like this. Driving around alone is ok, but racing someone may prove to be tough, because you really have to drive the car perfectly and using the throttle right. Let’s see.


6. Elliot Boots

Boots not in the main because he runs a stick radio according to Degani. I think he will be in the main, we argued about it, at the end of the day, I left him in because I wrote this. The thing is that Boots may be right up there, but on this low speed track, he may just fly off it. But the Kyosho can take a lot of the abuse, so that will help. Partly it will be a case of how bumpy the track gets for Boots.


7. Ryan Lutz

Lutz is super fast and should be in the main if nothing goes wrong. He can definitely put down a fast lap time, and nowadays the mains too, but he seems to have problems really often. Also, being the worlds, you need to be on the top of your game, and your equipment needs to be on point, and the Tekno is not the most stable and easy car to drive fast, so holding on to it for 60 minutes against other fast but easier cars to drive can prove to be a tough challenge.


8. Kyle McBride

This guy just has the ability to look slow but be fast. It’s very annoying. I hate that personally because it looks so easy. Like Wheeler, just high corner and a smaller difference between max speed and min speed each lap. He should be in the main.


9 .Robert Battle

Robert can suck for his standards in qualifying, and then just turn it up in the mains. Even in the same main he can turn it up after 20 minutes and lap everyone. It’s really weird to be honest. So with 30 minute semi you have to put this guy in the main. In Thailand he flamed out at the start of the semi and still made it in. We had a tough time deciding if Robert would be a contender, or if he would just make the main, so due to the kidney stone, we settled for “just” making the main.


10. Dakotah Phend

Dakotah has the speed obviously, he has the right car for this track too, he should make it in. He is getting married though, so he is done, 10th place.


11. Spencer Rivkin

Super fast, but pillow balls, and racing 60 minutes on a bumpy track, that’s the challenge.


12. Josh Wheeler

The magic man, squeaks it in every time even if he only has a 1% chance. He is always fast, and with this track and all it’s corners, his smoothness and corner speed should get him in the main. In the main however, he always seems to have problems, sometimes something never before witnessed in RC.

Other drivers who could just as well be on that list and now hate us:

Martin, Ongaro, Ogden, Bornhorst, Drake, Cragg, Bayer, Aigoin, Savoya, Neumann, Hara, King, Berton, Baruffolo, Zanchettin, Wollanka,Bloomfield, Truhe.

Pictures stolen from neobuggy and redrc. Maybe circusrc too! Thank you xxx


2016 IFMAR Worlds 1st Impressions

I stole this from circusrc.com. Check out a lot of great pictures here.

I stole this from circusrc.com. Check out a lot of great pictures here.

Ok, here we go, the 2016 IFMAR World Championships are finally here! For the mainstream daily reports you can check out websites like neobuggy.net, circusrc.com, and probably redrc.net. For the non mainstream, behind the scenes possibly, mostly bullshit more than likely reports, check back here.

+ The facility just looks amazing, the track, the stickers and graphics everywhere, the team tents (hmmm I like to take some credit :-D)

+ The interest for the event, too many drivers to fit in an already record sized WC event

– Track looks good, and seems to be fun to drive, but it just lacks that WOW factor and technical difficulty I feel we should have at the Worlds. Everyone is doing the same thing and looking good doing it. Maybe just have to be patient and wait for the bumps! 🙂

+ The announcing, it’s so nice to be at a big event with announcing, so we know what’s going on, it adds to the atmosphere.

+ The location, Las Vegas and we can see the strip, and to add to that, guaranteed great weather! RC Racing couldn’t get better.

– Everyone is really spread out at different hotels, etc. The most fun races are the ones where racers stay together and we all hang out at night.

+ Organisation seems exceptionally non-American, and very organised and rule abiding. I think they may even have a schedule! We do have some improvisations with watering and a pre qualifying race, but everything seems spot on. Let’s hope it stays that way and goes smoothly!

+ Degani won $2000 in 2 minutes.

– Degani doesn’t spread the wealth. What a dick.

+ It feels like this race is very open, there is not one or a couple of clear favourites. Should be a great race.

+ Assuming it gets rough, this is a return to offroad. I hope this starts a new trend of old school. Enough of these smooth grooved up tracks. Enough!