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Finally Found My Basic Setup – After Months of Searching

Try this one! I have been trying to get the car to where it remains comfortable when I push it to the max! And after making seemingly endless steps backwards, things finally started clicking. It doesn’t look very different to the setups that I have run before, but it is all in the details. When you get them right, the car works on a whole different level. Please try this, and let me know how it works for you. For me it has been awesome on wet, dry, low grip, high grip, whatever. Key features, the new Grey springs, insert and upper link settings. Stock pistons were a bit more aggressive and less plush than the 8×1.2s. I am still switching between both. For the 1.2 pistons, we don’t offer them yet, just take the stock front piston, and drill out the two 0.6mm holes to 1.2mm and use them on the front and rear!

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