What Motivates Haters – Other Than Me.

How sad does your life have to be, in order for you to truly be happy at someone else’s misfortune? There are people I don’t like, and sure, I’ll snicker at their failures, and I’ll secretly hope they aren’t successful, but do I really care? No I don’t. It doesn’t make me happy to see someone struggle, or fail, I won’t post about it or write something shitty to them. You know what I do to people I don’t like? I ignore them, because I don’t want to waste my time.

I honestly don’t get it. Look at the comments section on youtube, look at comments on fb, what is wrong with people? I really don’t understand where all this energy and motivation to actually post hate comes from. Some of you may think, but JQ, you hate on your blog all the time. No I don’t, I write humorous blog posts about all kinds of stuff, and a lot of different people, but I don’t celebrate people’s short comings or failures to put them down, because that isn’t funny. I take a grain of truth, and make it funny by blowing it up, I write about a real issue, I take a person or situation and attempt to reel them back to reality. I have never written something to the effect of: “It was awesome to see this person fail because he is a fucking idiot. It made my day. I hope his mum gets cancer too.”. That’s not funny.

My point is:

If your happiness is dependent on others, or dependent on other people’s misfortune, then you my friend have a problem!


2 thoughts on “What Motivates Haters – Other Than Me.

  1. David Adams says:

    I’d say 99% of those haters would never say anything to your face. It’s easy for them to write that crap because of the “safety” of the internet. Just keep doing your thing and forget them. There is no changing them.

  2. Paul Betz says:

    I’m going to be honest here. I don’t really follow the professional side of RC racing and don’t really know much about you other than you have your own products line and now everyone seems to hate you after you had some issues at a race. When I read what happened I came to realize even more so just how stupid some of rules are for professional racing and just how petty some of the pros are. I am not a sponsored driver nor would I consider myself a pro driver. 1. I lack the necessary skill to driver like the pros, I’m more of a pro novice skilled driver although I race in the sportsman class. 2. I’m too lazy to have to post updates and recaps of every aspect of my racing weekend. I have actually quit racing our big regional races due to the fact there everyone who would normally be a pretty cool person to be around on any other day turn into absolute dicks on the race track. Those races are more stress than I need in my life. I raced them to have fun and have the chance to race with other non-local drivers. I now just race our local club races where people are more forgiving of mistakes and there to have FUN. I can’t imagine what kind of stress goes along with the pro side of racing. The way I see it, no matter skill level and what side of racing you, whether it be a novice or pro driver, when it is more aggravation than fun then something needs to be re-evaluated. The sport was created in the name of fun but it has become more like the other pro sports with ridiculous regulations so called scandals. Anyways this was a great post and gave me a laugh. Just keep being you. Haters gonna hate. P.S. That picture should be put on some shirts.

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