Your Choice – Pick One!

A: THECar BLACK Edition is a very good car.

B: JQ is a very good driver.

Pick one, because one has to be true.

5 thoughts on “Your Choice – Pick One!

  1. Tom epting says:

    I was probably not going to race nitro but now that your car looks so good I have to buy one and beat people with it to piss them off. So I’m on board

  2. David Adams says:

    I seen you drive in some pretty crazy conditions (Landshut, Germany last year) and do well against the locals… so I actually believe both are true. If I had the extra cash I’d pick one up to give it a try.

  3. JR says:

    Often, there are exceptions to rules, anomalies, which cannot be explained or not yet proven as to why. I believe the answer to this question is such a type in nature, the provided answers are not consistent with observations.

    I just don’t know why in this day and age, we have individuals which still must bring race into things and make people decide upon one or the other.

  4. BMac says:

    I see some innovation and some anti-establishment swagger in the brand…. you gotta like it. I’m currently invested in another brand, but I am really considering picking up a Black Edition as a practise kit to compare.

  5. Vizard says:

    Wish u’d built the chassis with droop screw stops, it was shit on the ‘Japanese magic’ n a still bad news on TheCar. But I still love the black edition.

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