I never even realised it before, but someone brought it up in a FB chat to me. I didn’t realise how much people care, and how seriously they have taken the above interview. Now to me that was hilarious, and for my friends too. It’s just a comedic situation, you never know what will happen next. It seems like people just want another boring interview. Where is the fun in that? Slapping the mosquito off was just a spur of the moment thing, something unexpected and fun. And the answers, well just a Finnish Motorsport tradition. I should have said “Tyres were good, car was shit”, but that was too many words. Looking at the comments, I just can’t understand how people don’t get that this was not a serious interview. Do they not hear someone laughing in the background? Do they not hear Phil say we were attracting an audience? Do they not realise Phil said “in a nice way”. Does that not beg to be messed with? They don’t even get the GayQ comment by Phil when walking up to me. Just some fun among friends. Maybe it is too much inside humour for the outside world to handle?

The thing is, I get that an interview like that could be bad for my company, but I only have one life and I intend to enjoy it. And I bank on the fact that there are enough intelligent people in the world for me to be able to be me, and still run a business. Maybe I have watched too much Monty Python, and Fawlty Towers and my idea of humour is too skewed for the real world, but I found that interview to be funny, and the reaction of random people to it hilarious. I mean some people I don’t know, and have never met feel this strongly about me:

just that 30sec interview made me hate him wow

What a dick head he is. Glad I left his buggy long ago. What a jerk he is…

Dude! why is JQ so mean and rude?! how is he even sponsored like really, i would have punched him if he did that to me.

That is amazing to me. Check out those youtube comments on the above video, seriously! And as for the Finnish Motorsport tradition, enjoy the videos below.


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