Flame Out Clarification

I’m not joking. I really would like to understand what happens, and why a pipe or a tank can break, causing the motor to flame out on full throttle.

  • This is not a REDS issue, I had the same thing happen with my THE Engine, and with OS.
  • This is not a Sidewinder issue, I have had it happen with different fuel.
  • This is not a JQ fuel tank issue, I have had the same thing happen with different tanks.
  • I run a P3 plug.
  • This has nothing to do with any simple issue, like tune, plug, clutch, air leak, other similar.

Every time this has happened with a pipe, it just happens suddenly, change the pipe, and everything is fine. With a fueltank, I have had it happen with a brand new tank, as well as with a used one that one day goes bad.

The motor can either run fine first, and then just flame out on throttle after a few minutes. Or it can also just flame out on throttle as you are warming it up. In some cases it will flame out while warming it up, and then it will actually run once warm.

So it seems like it has to do with pressure fluctuations, but what is happening, and how? Let’s figure this out.

4 thoughts on “Flame Out Clarification

  1. Paco Topete says:

    What about vibration?
    RC choppers put a double tank to get rid of bubbles caused by vibration, can be possible that the tank is either too tight ot the grommets wear out, abd causes it?

    Pipe, maybe a small crack in the inside that goes larger cause of heat an vibration too? A faulty soldering?


  2. jeff bowland says:

    I have had this happen numerous times, after changing everything know to man on the car, I started thinking about pressure loss and began working backwards. Changing one thing at a time. I narrowed it down to weak header to pipe springs and causing loss of pressure in the tank. Hope this helps

  3. Chad Morrell says:

    I told you on facebook replace water in fuel bottle with nitro fuel. Problems solved.

  4. Taccas says:

    Magic. And not the good kind.

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