Taking a Break


I decided to take a three day break. All orders shipped, now we are just waiting for a bit. But I didn’t expect to miss a day on the blog! It happens, sorry! For now, just watch this video! How good does that car look? ❤

2 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Paco Topete says:

    Degani smashing skulls !

  2. Stanley Wangsanegara says:

    Degani’s Car looks to be very good on that race!!!

    Another footnote, does anybody notice where Colin Herzig put back Kanai’s Car after the flame out? As far as I know, usually we should put the car on the pitlane section. From the Camera on the pitman, it seems that Colin put the car, “I assume”, in the down ramp or even further out of the lane. Does it Legal??

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