Silver State – Qualifying Notes

Maifield blowing a gasket didn’t phase Tessmann. It’s all good eh.

Here’s some notes from qualifying.

  • Degani and his DE 40+ Bumper TQed the old man class over his nemesis Yuichi Kanai.
  • Maifield Neffed out badly after the first day of qualifying. Apparently team Tessmann were employing shady tactics of Ty starting right behind Ryan, even though Ryan was trying to get space on the track.
  • It’s not against the rules, it’s not nice, but this is racing.
  • Cavalieri is struggling, as expected, finding the woops section especially tough. I am confident I can beat him tomorrow.
  • Ronda Drake is trying to start fights in the pits, and then film them for her FB page.
  • If you are going to water, water every race. What a joke to have a schedule, run this dry, that wet. Decide what you want to do and stick to it. It will always be a benefit to either have a wet track, or a dry track, so why the hell would you not water every race?

“It doesn’t take more time or effort to do things right, so why always do them wrong?”


  • Re-seeding after the first qualifying round? So stupid.
  • Times were close, so I expect to see some close racing in the mains.
  • The funniest thing so far, was when Kanai cartwheeled big time on the double, and as he was flipping through the air Degani passed him and yelled BANZAIIIII! This clearly fired Kanai up, and even though he was one lap down, the two old World Champions battled on the last lap, with Degani putting Kanai one lap down right at the line.
  • Cody King is in all B mains again. After speculating with Degani about this, we concluded that part of the issue may be him playing grab ass in the pits all day. His babysitter isn’t here.
  • Mike Truhe on the other hand clearly got motivated by my DNC blog. He is on the gas, looking good.
  • Billy Easton got a 4th in a electric buggy round, in between maintaining the driver stand, focusing mainly on the handrail today. That’s a good run!
  • So far we are right that Bornhorst should stick to Truggy.
  • Colin Herzig is driving better than ever. It’s about time. Now let’s see how many minutes into the B main he blows out. Before or after me.
  • Maifield is going to win a lot. Stamp it. Phend, Tessmann, Ronnefalk will make mistakes.

3 thoughts on “Silver State – Qualifying Notes

  1. Kris says:

    What happened to cav joseph?

  2. nunya bidness says:

    How is Cav struggling to find speed in the whoops when he wasn’t even there? He might be struggling to find another ride soon, but that’s another story.

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