Back at the track


After 9 days, I was really looking forward to going to the track today! I was so excited I forgot to take pictures. Actually it’s funny, I had a terrible first half of the day, but it was still so much fun to drive! I went to Revelation and the track was run dry, so it was like concrete, and you could actually get around the track on slicks! Hara was there, along with team Indonesia and Australia.

I had a worn out main gear on to start the day, but with the super high bite, that wasn’t going to last. Changed it, and immediately chipped a tooth on the new one. Ran it anyway for a while, then changed that, and had some engine problems. Then finally towards the end of the day got it all figured out and was able to put in some tanks. Time to do some wrenching tomorrow, glue some tyres, prepare one last engine for break in on wednesday, and work on some company stuff. Hopefully we can run on a wet revelation on wednesday, so I can put the worlds car down for some laps!

Now to watch the presidential debate,  in awe of how the greatest nation in the world has produced two terrible candidates!

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