Consistent & Balanced Always


With the Worlds being in Vegas, on a track that will be watered, it will most likely make the track surface inconsistent. The track will go from wet to damp to dry during a heat if the weather is good. Different sections of the track will also be different levels of wet, and it will all make for rather inconsistent track conditions throughout the event. Once the mains come around the track will definitely dry up completely during the run.

This is why I have focused on making my car handle well with the same setup in all conditions. I want to be balanced and stable no matter what the track is like. From wet, to damp, to dry, to super loose blue groove, I want the overall balance and nature of the car to be the same. I don’t want something weird to happen once the track changes a certain way.

I have also driven a lot in all conditions, because I want to be really familiar with the car, and how it handles. With the setup I found a few weeks ago, apart from trying a few setup changes just to confirm my findings, I have been driving a lot with the same setup, in order to become comfortable with the car. The changes I have tried,  I have done so I have a few setup changes available to me that I know well, so I don’t need to guess at the Worlds. This way, no matter what happens, I should be confident with my car at the Worlds.

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