This Thing Called Work


I have to say, that after a rough couple of years, this year has been really fun. I decided to try to enjoy myself more, and just accept that things don’t go how I want them to go. It’s pretty epic to run an RC Car company and travel around the world regardless, so might as well enjoy it. A big part of it has also been the fact that I took a bit of a break at the end of last year, and also this year THECar has been very very good. It’s so fun to drive now, dare I say it has some “magic”. Finnish Magic. There was a bit of a one step backwards to take 2 step forwards which messed up my Euros warm up and Euros, but other than that it has been a great year. I have enjoyed driving a lot more, and everything else that I do too. Oh I forgot, apparently I don’t work, that’s what everyone seems to think. I guess all this happens by another kind of “magic”. I find myself waking up at 7:30 and going to sleep at 1:30 with ease. It’s possible. Just need to hang in there a bit longer…

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