SpeedRC Grand Opening Awesomeness


OFFROAD! This track is real offroad, and I love it. They left it dry, it got bumpy, rough, different line choice options. It was just epic. I had race long battles with Barry Pettit, but lost out this time, last lap last corner in Nitro, a bit earlier in Electric. TQed electric and finished 2nd, finished 4th in Nitro. Barry won electric, Cole Ogden won nitro. What a race. It’s super late, more of a report tomorrow, or a day when nothing special happens. Wow, that was motocross. #bringoffroadback

One thought on “SpeedRC Grand Opening Awesomeness

  1. wc 2002 says:

    Last Lap, Last Corner…Kinda like Femca 2011!!!!

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