Hobby Shops and Highways

Anderson RC all JQ:ed out!

Anderson RC all JQ:ed out!

Shake&Bake and Easley RC in South Carolina visited, next stop North Carolina! first I drove to Anderson RC which is a huge hobbyshop which seemed like in the middle of nowhere. Just a big stand alone building on the side of the old highway in Thomasville. See what I mean? Really nice owners, family run hobby shop. These sort of stores are the backbone of our hobby. The good news is they seem to have a good following of walk in customers. I was actually informed about this shop by a racer at AMS a couple of years back, and made a point of visiting it now. They already stocked JQ oils, and now they will be carrying JQ cars also! Woohoo!

King RC Track in King NC

King RC Track in King NC

Next I drove about 45min north to King RC, which is a HobbyTown, with an outdoor track right by the shop. Once again, family run, with 30 years of experience with RC Racing. The track was really nice, and it seems to groove up nicely providing high grip. HobbyTown is a franchise so we need to see what the big boys say about carrying the product, but the interest was clearly there. North and South Carolina have a ton of tracks, and hobby shops too. No wonder I have been selling more on the east coast. There are a number of tracks within a couple of hours radius it seems, where ever you go!

To end today’s road trip I drove an hour or so back south to nascar country where SpeedRC is located, amongst all the nascar race shops. Tomorrow I will race there on their new outdoor track. I cleaned my cars a bit and left my stuff there ready for tomorrow morning. Incredibly this is the 2nd night on my road trip, apart from the time at the PNB race that I am staying in a hotel! Southern hospitality is awesome! #rcgypsy. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

GodDAMN look at the size of this haribo bag!

GodDAMN look at the size of this haribo bag!

One thought on “Hobby Shops and Highways

  1. Josh Carder says:

    JQ, you are the man!!!! What you are doing right now speaks multitudes to OUR hobby and YOUR brand. I enjoy your passion to our hobby and dedication to your vision. Look forward to meeting up with you at Lake Hartwell Rc on Sunday, to further discuss what you see in store for JQRacing and the further development of not only your brand, but also what the future brings to RC racing as a whole. Best wishes for tomorrow At SpeedRC.

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