WE Setup 2.0


More testing over the past few days has resulted in an improved setup!

Here are the updates:

Shock Pistons, these made the car handle bumps better.

7×1.2 Front 400 Oil. Damping should feel medium.

7×1.3 Rear  350 Oil. Damping should feel soft.

Grey springs front instead of black. This made the car smoother to drive.

Rear shock laid down one hole to the middle hole on rear tower. This helped make the car more stable, and the rear end stay lower when cornering. It gave me more confidence in the car.

Thicker diff oils: 12500 – 8000 – 3000. The thicker oils help to keep the cornerspeed up, and makes the car stay more flat, and consistent.

Updated Setup Sheet HERE as pdf and HERE as jpg.

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