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I have uploaded a bunch of new pictures, check them out! We will be adding more pictures here throughout the year. Please check back regularly. Thank you to neobuggy, redrc, and liverc, all of whose pictures we may or may not have stolen.

Races 2015

Team 2015

Below are a few favourites:

It was really great to get to pit with Team Sponsor AKA at NC! Thanks Mark!

Big thank you to Charlie Love for feeding all of us during the race! The bbq was super! Racing is supposed to be fun, this sure helped!

Ryan Pavidis was my secretary at DNC and made sure our package arrived at the hotel ok.

These two clowns left before the DNC. They were all selfied out. I never thought I would see this day. A selfie stick. COME OOON!!!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or a Canadian by his face. Jerome JTQ “wannabe JQ” is actually a really cool guy. I always thought he was a bit of a penis. But that could be because of the driver he wrenches for. Makes you think maybe the driver is a good guy too if you know him! Weird how the world works!

The JQ Salute! This was a good luck message I got. I find it interesting that both my lovers and haters act exactly the same. Seriously though, I love these dickheads from South Africa! We have a great bunch of people in the JQRacing team around the world!

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