As I Said, 2 Options, Give Up or Try Harder

Three increasingly fast laps as I close in on the limits of the car, and hit my lines better. And yes, I did make 10 laps now, 3 times, in different conditions, as well as a 32.1. At least I am capable, now I just need to be able to do it with less practice, and at the race.


3 thoughts on “As I Said, 2 Options, Give Up or Try Harder

  1. Tom epting says:

    Looking good jq. Car looks amazing too. Now u just need a race where things go your way to get that little more confidence. Once u hit that mental feeling of knowing u can do it. It will start coming more easy. That’s my opinion anyway. Keep doing what your doing you definitely have people rooting for you.

  2. BMac says:

    Nice, JQ. I can see the improvements in your driving… Especially the throttle on the downside of the jumps. Car looks great.

  3. Nigel says:

    that car is turning on a dime while still maintaing great drive out of the corners – looks good

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