JBRL Finals at ProLine


Believe it or not, I have never raced at the ProLine track! They have just never hosted a race jan-march I guess! Well, tomorrow I will finally get to race there. The track is awesome, big, and true US style, nice jumps and rhythm sections, and it’s going to get bumpy! Awesome, I can’t wait.

Today was practice, and we tried a few different things on the car. Working on corner speed, need more corner speed! Got something good going, but needed to settle the rear end a bit. Remember what to do? Lower the entire rear link, 1 hole down to middle tower, and lower middle on hub. That was just what the car needed, settled the rear end down nicely. Car should be really good tomorrow.

This race I will again be focusing on my driving. I need to be more aggressive, and faster. Let’s see how it goes. I need to maintain the control I have of the car, but sort of send it more 😀 Could go well, like it did at TA a week ago, could be a disaster. Tomorrow we will see. Car is good, need to work on my driving. That’s where we are at!

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