I used to never understand how people would go on holiday and do nothing. Or take a week end and do nothing. If I did nothing my head would most likely explode! That’s how I felt. I couldn’t sit still for five minutes. Well things chance. I now understand that sort of inaction. Last year I took some time off, and it really helped. Before the time off I was all messed up, mentally clogged up, stuck on a metaphorical treadmill, thinking I was going somewhere but actually I was just inefficient and ineffective. The time off really helped to clear my mind, motivate me, and when I returned, things began moving forward.

I guess you just need to get enough shit crammed into your head, and then at around 30 it starts boiling over, and you need to take some breaks once in a while so  you don’t blow a gasket. Kind of like you have to delete some shit off your phone when it’s too full to take more pictures.

Worlds are done, time for a bit of down time, and then it’s full steam ahead towards 2017. The year JQRacing turns it all around. Can’t wait! Oh, and don’t worry, there will be more blog posts about the world. It’s not like I can completely get out of this life I am living!

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