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Worlds Warm Up – Qualifying

I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a tough race! Strange engine problems are the main reason for the terrible time I’m having. Actually I think I got the car good, it’s just impossible to place the car where I want it lap after lap when every time I hit the throttle the engine does something different. Tomorrow I will try again with a different engine. Everything else has already been changed.

As for the car, with the super slick and bumpy track, I have gone to thinner swaybars, 2.2/2.4, thinner shock oils 27/25 and longer wheelbase. Finally I lowered the front and rear upper links both on tower and hub, which gave the car a bit more bite. With these changes I thought my car was actually quite good in the last round, but with the motor running on so bad I was braking my way around the slow sections instead of throttling it was just impossible to do anything good with it.

Tomorrow we have 1 qualifying round, and then the mains. Everyone is guaranteed at least a 30min main, so that’s good for testing. Looking for ward to it. I just got back from Arenacross, and not it’s time for bed! Tomorrow night, SUPERCROSS!

+ Track getting rough

– Cool weather and even a bit of rain

+ Good amount of track time here!

– Watering the track is the stupidest thing ever. Inconsistent as hell and just silly.

No water....

No water….

...water...same round...

…water…same round…


The gift that keeps on giving

So we are at the worlds warm up in Vegas, and as you probably know, a lot has been said and written about the track over the past months. Was pretty amusing to hear that apparently the track crew took a pick axe to the track in order to make some bumps. So we have gone from a  great track to a hard slick track, to a hard high grip track, to a hard loose track with dust on top. I also find it funny that had they just done what I believe most people said, ie. just leave the track alone (which will most likely happen for the worlds), it would have been dialed.

I guess the fact that it seems the former concrete track is just covered with some dirt has caused the water not to go through, so its basically a super hard base with dust on top, that doesn’t get loamy when wet like it should. Well no shit….

I guess it’s fitting that we are in Vegas, the worlds track will be a gamble. No one knows what it will be like. I hope they take the time to re do it properly, break up the hard base and make it all loamy and offroad style like it should be! I guess we will have to wait and see!