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European Setups


Been back in Europe for a while now, and started working on a different style of setup, long rear arm, laydown shocks, just something different. These setups will work pretty much anywhere, but maybe more geared towards European tracks. The idea is to make the car more comfortable to drive on fast tracks, and to make it easier to maintain cornerspeed. Check them out, and let us know what you think!

JQ’s Ongaro Ring Setup

THEStig EURO Setup

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Jeremy Kortz Setup and 4.0 Stig Setup.


A couple of new setups posted, check them out here:

Jeremy Kortz

THEStig 4.0

Chris Marrale

Regarding the links, on high speed tracks, you may prefer running the link front and rear in the top hole of the stock towers, but we suggest always starting with the drilled holes, as on the sheet. When would you go lower? If the car feels squirmy and too soft, and gets loose at high speed. Please note you need to run more camber than normal with the high links!

For the eCar, for those of you running it as a White Edition, we have been running the SAME setup. Yep, works good!

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White Edition Setups, and Setup Advice

You can find our WE setups online HERE. Unfortunately we do not have an electronic sheet yet, so for now we do it like this. Please try the setups and give us feedback on rctech HERE. Let’s all work together and find a basic setup that everyone is happy with!

I will be posting a specific “THE Guide” for the White Edition soon, and also short posts here, regarding setups, so check back regularly. There is also a way to search for posts, just click THECar Advice, and you will find all posts I make about setups etc.

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