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Euros Track – Amazeballs

The track is amazing! Really really nice, can’t wait for tomorrow. I also like the fact that it’s a real driver’s track. There are a lot of corners and combinations where the driver can make a big difference. Everyone is not able to do the same thing, and a talented driver will be able to make a difference. Challenging track, and it looks great.

The surface is a bit of a question mark. It doesn’t look like it did at the warm up. I think it will be dusty tomorrow, and should groove up. I expect it to be medium to high grip and bumpy in places later on. I hope the grip isn’t as high as for the warm up.

I hope I get my car good early on in practice and get to focus on my driving. Tyre choice will most likely be between long wear medium impact and enduro. Maybe long wear soft to start with, will have to determine that after watching the first heats run.

Some sections are looking like concrete dirt.

Some sections are looking like concrete dirt.

Some...not so much

Some…not so much


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Euros Warm Up – Day 2

IMG_3593[1]Today was a good example of sucking to suck once again. I mean my car felt good, specially after I put that thicker rear swaybar on. It was easier to point and aim through the chicanes and felt better on the high grip. However, mind pump was a problem and I just didn’t drive very well. It looks so easy. On a fast high grip track you need to be smooth, and you need to stay on power so the car won’t flip. So it’s almost like I need to just go for it more and not drive like a girl. No, wait, scratch that, Jessica Pålsson almost beat me and Malin Karlsen has already beat a lot of top guys. We can’t use that saying any more. I would be better off driving like one 🙂

So tomorrow I have a 1/4 final where I can figure out my driving, and then see about doing damage in the semi final. I am not changing my car because it is good enough. I will focus on improving my driving. I need to slow down enough for the corners, hit my lines, maintain my corner speed, and stay on throttle. The 1/4 final will be perfect for figuring the track out in a race situation. If I could do the rest of the track as well as I do that woop section in the middle then I would be dialed!

And of course we have next week for practice too.

It’s good to watch Ronnefalk negotiate the track, poetry in motion. It looks so easy.

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Euros Warm Up – Day 1



What an EPIC track. Almost 1 minute laptimes, a really big elevation difference top to bottom, I don’t even want to guess how much, but a lot, uphills downhills, shicanes, big jumps, burms, I absolutely love this track. Even though they tried spoiling it with sugar, I was still smiling. If they forget about the sugar for the Euros, it will be amazing!

With the high bite, we had to make some changes to the car, but as I have said before, don’t get carried away. At this point, the car is very good, and to get it right for any given track, only small changes are needed. This is what we did:

  1. Thicker diffs, 12.5-10-5 for improved stability and corner speed.
  2. Less down travel, for less chance of going up on two wheels, and less chassis movement. 100mm front, 121mm rear (60mm with wheels)
  3. Stock swaybars, 2.3mm front, 2.5mm rear, however debating weather to go to a 2.6mm rear or not. On an offroad track a lot thicker swaybars usually make the car harder to drive, so the stock ones are good for high bite in most cases.
  4. Rear hub 1 step back, so 2 shims in front of the hub. This improves stability and reduces chassis movement and front to back when accelerating and braking due to the longer wheelbase.
  5. Harder springs, black front, grey rear, or as I am running now, HB Yellow front and rear. They are harder and work on higher grip.
  6. Steering link to the rear of the ackermann plate, in order to smooth out the steering. This works really well in my opinion.
  7. Low rideheight, I ended up running 26mm front and rear.

That’s it, the car was very good with these small adjustments, and we will be focusing on driving, and other minor tweaks to shock oil, camber, and possibly that rear swaybar.

Below you have a video from inforc.net, featuring a lap by ME. Yes that’s right. Car looks good doesn’t it?

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