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Reality – Such a Hassle.


One crazy thing to think about, is that we all live in our own unique reality. Our mind creates our world, and everything in it. We all have different experiences, and even when we share the same experience, we will all interpret and process it in our own minds, which makes the same experience unique to all of us. We see colours differently, smell differently, like different things. How do we know that our reality is the “right” one?

It can be said that there is a general “reality” that works. People who have this “normal sense of reality” are average people. Most people fit in this category. However, in America, more than ANY other country I have visited, you can find people who clearly live in their own reality. They have replaced reality with their own version. The people I am talking about now, are the people who go on some talent show, and suck, yet think they are awesome, and when the judges tell them that they suck, they get angry and tell the judges to fuck off, because obviously they don’t know what they are talking about. They really think they are good at what they do, when any sane person can see that it’s not true.


This is a very curious, dare I say mental illness. A complete lack of understanding of your own abilities, and lack of ability to judge and rank performance. As I said, I have never come across as many of these types of people anywhere, as I have in America. Maybe it’s because children are raised to believe that everyone is a winner, and everyone get’s a trophy. I don’t know, but it really is striking when you spend time here in the US of A.

The thing is, that to be successful, you do need to replace “normal reality” with your own version. This is because truly successful people often need to break the mould, and do something unique. They need to do beyond what “normal reality” allows. To do this you need to be a free thinker, and you need to be a bit nuts, lets face it. You need to believe when everyone else laughs at you. You need to keep trying, and working, when everyone else would quit. That’s not normal is it? But this is the thing, even though you are slightly “out there”, you still need to understand where the boundaries of “normal reality” are, and you definitely need to understand where you are yourself. If we are talking about RC Racing, you need to understand how good you are, where you can improve, and how you compare to the competition. If you can’t do that, you will never be able to achieve anything significant, because you won’t be able to focus on the right things. If you have convinced yourself in your mind that you can do something perfectly, you won’t understand that actually you need to learn how to do it. So to conclude, in order to achieve greatness, you need to understand normal reality, accept most of it, but choose to leave some doors open so you can improve on it.