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Killer Instinct


Degani just called me, as JQRacing Chief Strategist, and told me that he figured out one of my biggest issues right now, and said I need to figure it out before Nitro Challenge. He says that I’m actually fast enough to do really well, he has seen it. Maybe I haven’t really shown it at races, but he has seen it. But I’m too happy and nice, I need to get pissed off. I need to “get pissed off and just not give a fuck, and go out there and beat everyone”. I need to not be all facebooked out or trying to be everyone’s friend (not like that’s a problem haha), but I get the point.

Degani says that you need that killer instinct, Maifield and Cavalieri have it, they go out there thinking they will smash everyone, they don’t give a shit. Like Richard Saxton, Mark Pavidis, and Jeremy Kortz back in the day, and of course Degani himself. That’s how he won the worlds he said. I guess he must have read my blog about mindset, it’s similar to what I wrote about before. You have to be successful in your own mind, and you have to be winning in your head before you actually do so in reality.

If you doubt yourself, or if you have too much respect or appreciation for others, you think they are better than you for example, then that isn’t going to cut it. That’s not saying you need to start CTO:ing everyone, but just that in your mind you are thinking “I got this”, instead of in a race when say, Ryan Maifield is behind you, mentally going over your own accomplishments, quickly comparing them to his, and determining “I’m screwed”. Instead you need to be thinking, “so what, I don’t give a shit, today I got this guy covered. Watch this whip.”. Mindset actually does make a significant difference.