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LA Speedway German Nationals Qualifier – Day 1


Today we drove 45min to another track, LA Speedway, for a 2 day race. Today was practice and qualifying, and tomorrow we run the mains. The weather was great today, until right after qualifying for the day was done when a thunderstorm arrived. Hopefully we get to race tomorrow. Max and me are both in the A main in electric and semis in nitro, no idea really where but somewhere there. We don’t really have the right tyres here so we are saving the single sets we have for the main, but even so qualifying went well enough.


A note out of Degani’s playbook. Focus on what you have, and make the most of it! Not the ideal tyres above, but it’s what we had. I think a lot of people could do better if they adjusted their attitudes, and made an effort to maximise their performance in every aspect instead of worrying about what they wish they had, or what other people are doing.

The track is a real old school offroad track! Dusty as hell to begin with, but now a nice rough medium grip groove has formed. It has some good corner sections that are rewarding when you get them right. Hopefully the weather is good tomorrow, and we will get some video, and punch it in the mains!


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